BTY Enesuper AA and AAA review

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BTY Enesuper AA and AAA review

Heres my short, yet hopefully helpful, review of BTY’s Enesuper 2250mAh AA and 900mAh AAA battery review!


I decided that its time to get myself some of the Chinese made Eneloop wanabe’s and after little research I found out that BTY, whos batteries are otherwise know to be utter crap, do have couple of decent batteries under their sleeve so I went ahead and ordered these AA and these AAA from Tmart, at the time of purchase it was amongst the cheapest, if not cheapest, e-tailer where these batteries were available and in stock.

After usual month of waiting I received all 8 batteries in my mailbox, they were very well packed and in good visual condition so thanks to Tmart for taking care in this regard, I wouldnt want to receive batteries in damaged state due to poor packaging:


First discharge didnt yield any spectacular results, both AA and AAA had voltages ranging from 1.24 to 1.27(AAA) and exactly 1.3 volts on all AA’s.

I tested initial discharge capacity on AA’s, these were the results – 214, 423, 344 and 252mAh’s at 300mA discharge rate, nothing spectacular, as you see, hence why I didnt bother to write down first-discharge mAh numbers of my AAA’s, I did take a look at their voltages after discharge and according to C9000 they were as follows: 1,07;1.08;1.09;1.11 volts for AAA.


As far as weight goes then all batteries are up to what you would expect from batteries of their rated capacities to weight:

AAA = 11.9 grams AA = 26.9-27.2 grams


Now, lets take a look at more accurate testing and, so to say, breaking in data that I gathered during my tests on C9000 while charging and discharging all batteries to detect their capacity as well attempt to simulate high-draw flashlight use and see how much juice will they give out into average flashlight before losing their brightness.


My data is not scientific, so take it for what you want, interpret it the way you want, I tried my best to reflect characteristics of said batteries as good as I could with MAHA C9000 and UNI-T UT33C :D!

BTY 2250mAh AA, capacities shown in mAh:



I -1977

II -2088

III -1905

IV – 1989



I – 2008

II – 2085

III – 2085

IV – 2123


Discharge@500mA+100mA discharge when 500mA was doneX

I – 1933

II – 1950

III – 1897

IV – 1928


Charge@2000mA*(=2Amp charge rate)

I – 1931

II – 2007

III – 2009

IV – 2015


*Discharge@1000mA(=1Amp discharge)+followed by 100mA discharge when 1A was doneX

I – 1867

II – 1904

III – 1872

IV – 1866


Charge@500mA*(final charge after which batteries were left fully charged to test their LSD capacities after some months)

I – 1925

II – 1983

III – 1968

IV – 2011


*LSD data will follow in coming days, first one will be one month data taken from two batteries.


Here are BTY 900mAh AAA results, capacities shown in mAh:



I – 849

II – 849

III – 828

IV – 820



I – 939

II – 939

III – 933

IV – 841


Discharge@1C*(~800mA discharge rate done by C9000)+100mA discharge when 1C discharge is done, to see how much juice can be squeezed out of them after they have been emptied by high drain currentX

I – 827

II – 829

III – 812

IV – 788



I – 956

II – 957

III – 949

IV – 949


LSD data will follow in coming days, first one will be one month data taken from two batteries.


*EDIT: Here are results after AA discharge@500mA and AAA discharge@200mA after exactly one month for AA and +1 day for AAA:
III AAA 744mAh

I AA 1758mAh
III AA 1753mAh

X note: During those +100mA discharge tests, no more than additional 20-50mAh(highly innacurate numbers here because of varying mAh’s extracted from each battery after +100mA discharge) resulted in total battery capacity test after additional 100mA discharge was done, as usual, lesser numbers go with AAA and bigger ones with AA. So, as you see, nothing much can be squeezed out of drained batteries.


Thanks for reading, any questions or something to add, feel free to ask :D!

PS. During my review I contacted our Tmart rep here at BLF, Louis, and complained regarding AA 2250mAh capacity being slightly overblown and not being realistic and that thus batteries seem to be slightly overpriced given this fact.
He promised that they will lower price on their batteries, while AAA’s cost only 5$, AA’s still cost around 10$ which is exactly 1$ more than Id like to pay for them at the moment(take into consideration that Im yet to find out their 1 month LSD data to see what its all about, so that might change) :D!

Here lets hope that Tmart will lower even more their price because we all here at BLF simply LOVE great prices, dont we :D!

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holy cow, BTY batteries that aren’t complete garbage! Given my previous experience with them, I’d rather spend similar money on Tenergy or Hobbyking LSD batteries. Thanks for the review though!

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Thanks very much for the interesting review on a budget LSD battery. Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

So, it looks like the LSD claim is fairly accurate? 1755 mA after one month (quick eyeball average) divided by aprox. 1900 mA = 92% charge. Not too bad. But I agree that the price is too high for BTY batteries, given the price of the Tenergy LSD cells. The problem, though, is that Tenergy and Hobby King aren’t available directly from China, which is the cheapest shipping option by far to some countries.

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I will be doing 3 months LSD test at the end of june, if I have time then around 20.june.

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Finally did discharge tests after 6 months(took me a while Big Smile )
I – 400mAh@100mA discharge rate, charger and DMM show 1.12v, which seems kinda high?
II – 657mAh@100mA discharge rate

II – 1598mAh@300mA discharge rate
IV – 1663mAh@300mA discharge rate

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Thanks for doing this testing and reporting.  So the AAA's and AA's retained from 44% to 73% and 71% to 74% of rated capacity, respectively.  I'm I understanding your 6 month results correctly?

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You tell me, I didnt calculate retaining capacity in %, only plain mAh :D!
Odd thing is, I should have re-tested that 400mAh AAA battery before putting it back for charging up, it could be that there was some glitch during discharge, because 1.12v for NiMh is not exactly empty.

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AAA 1000mAh? I knew these batteries would never manage this and probably wouldn’t reach 750mAh. Probably old type 550mAh cells I thought but for £2-69 for 4, still good value.

Looking impressive in their silver/blue wrappers, initial impressions weren’t good; these cells are so light. Compared to quality AAA these BTYs felt light in the palm of the hand. Worse, however, was to come. They refused to charge in my intelligent charger despite showing a reasonable voltage, so they were started in my dumb charger and then transferred to Mr Intelligent and charged at 330mA. 10 minutes later they were done! 50mAh? I then charged them at 150mA for several hours and then tested them in my usual setup.

This is a torch with a 300mA filament bulb and before anybody shouts “That’s not the way to do it!” this a good comparative test. Cells are run in the torch until it dims and then they are tested on an analogue battery tester and are considered disharged when the needle hits the red ‘replace’ zone. Good quality cells (Panasonic/Duracell/Tronic) manage a run time of 2.5 to 3 hours which equates to 750-900mAh. AAs of 1900-2100mAh capacity easily manage 6 hours and more, so taking this as a reference, how did the BTYs fare?

Drum roll – 45 minutes! That equates to 225mAh which puts us back in Ni-Cd territory of 20 years ago. I then tested some more of the sample and they never got beyond 150mAh. The only conclusion is that these batteries are a complete scam with only enough material inside for them to qualify as batteries. AVOID!!

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Looks like youve been had and received fake ones.

Mine are up to rated capacities less or more.

Where did you buy yours and can you post pictures of yours?

Edit: I see you mentioned silver/blue ones, those arent Enesuper’s, are they?

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I ordered a bunch of the original BTY Ni-MH – AA & AAAs last year, ( the silver and blue cells) and they were a complete waste of money. ( Dollarstore Zink-Carbon disposable cells lasted twice as long. Hopfully these are better.

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