FastTech: My return ticket.

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FastTech: My return ticket.


This is a glimpse into my experience with FastTech, and I am quite amazed at how they ignore all the typical stereotypes and set a standard independent of the norm.
Much kudos, Jasmine.

The only people that lied to me were AusPost. A month and a bloody half for shipping that costs 25 bucks.  

Feb 18WarrantyA0131297941234000Closed 
posted Feb 18
by you
The flashlight (Roche M170) is unable to keep a regulated output.

It keeps ramping up and down continously like it cannot find the maximum. I can't even access strobe modes when this happens

Makes flashlight unusable in anything other than the lowest mode.

Video here:

posted Feb 20
by Jasmine Staff
I'm sorry about these problems. They are definitely caused by oversights in the product QC process.

We've contacted our supplier for these problems and they are now testing the item and will get back to us in a few hours.

In any event, we do have a no questions asked money back guarantee. Would you like to send it back for a refund? If so, we'll generate a RMA number for you and send you the returns address in Hong Kong.

For return postage detail, please visit the following page for a complete explanation of the guarantee:

Please let us know if you'd like to return and we'll send you your RMA number and the return address. Thank you.

posted Feb 20
by you
Your money back guarantee statement does require that the product is not modified.

I do have to admit that I DID modify the flashlight because I thought it was a problem easily fixed.
I was wrong. 

It was not a damaging modification, but a modification nonetheless.

The details of the modification are as follows:
I desoldered the springs on the battery plate, resoldered different springs that compress flat (this enables larger, better batteries to be used in the flashlight) and soldered wires from the top of the springs to the PCB board in the battery holder.

There are pictures here:

I completely understand if a full refund is not warranted, but some compensation would be nice.

posted Feb 21
by Jasmine Staff
It's ok, we can understand that, we will reimburse the return postage to you, would you please help to check the cheapest registered airmail cost from your place to Hong Kong?

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We really appreciate it.

posted Feb 21
by you
Shipping a parcel between 500grams and 1kg from Perth to Hong Kong via Australia Post costs:

AUD$24.60 - by Air Mail
AUD$30.60 - by Registered International Post

posted Feb 24
by Jasmine Staff
Sorry for the late reply, it's the weekend here.

The return postage is really expensive, is there any chance you are able to replace the defective parts? If so, could we send the replacement parts to you, we will also offer a 20% discount as store credit if you can help us on this.

But please let me know if this is not possible, I will send you the return details.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

posted Feb 24
by you
I wasn't really expecting a reply over the weekend, haha. 

Anyway, yes I AM ABLE TO replace the driver board myself. But how are you going to ensure that these parts are also not going to be malfunctioning? Can I be guaranteed that after this transaction I will have a fully functioning torch?

You may also have to provide instructions for removal and replacement to ensure damage is minimal.

Instead of a 20% store credit, how about a set of four Panasonic NCR18650B Protected cells sent with the replacement parts?

posted Feb 25
by Jasmine Staff
Sorry that a set of four Panasonic NCR18650B Protected cells costs $38.02 which is way beyond 20% discount. :(

I'd like to give my guarantee, but sorry that I am not able to promise you that the problems can be resolved with the replacement driver board, since there is many unknown factors, would you like to return the flashlight for an exchange or refund? If you prefer to have a replacement, we will double check the flashlight before shipping.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused in this matter.

posted Feb 26
by you
I guess I'll choose a replacement then.

Thanks for all your help, Jasmine.
Could you please tell me the details on what I need to do?

posted Feb 27
by Jasmine Staff
Thank you for your understanding.

I have sent you (in a separate e-mail) your RMA number and our return address in Hong Kong. Please ship the items back within 2 weeks.

Please clearly mark your RMA number on the address line. Please also contact me once you have returned the item, I will watch closely on the package status and arrange the replacement as soon as we received the package.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding in this matter, we really appreciate it.

posted Feb 28
by you
I have sent the item today via normal air mail, it should arrive within 3-10 days.

All items included.

RMA marked below address.

Copy of receipt attached.
Cost of postage: AUD$24.60

Preview(.jpg, 1145 KB)

posted Mar 2
by Jasmine Staff
Thank you for returning.

I will watch closely on the package status and arrange the replacement as soon as we received the package.

Would you mind take the return postage as store credit? You can use it as if it's cash during step 3 on checkout. There is a gift certificate link right above the "place order" button.

Please let me know, thanks.

posted Mar 2
by you
Store credit is perfectly fine.

posted Mar 4
by Jasmine Staff
Thank you, here is the credit for the return postage ($24.9), code: GCRF5566960147931923

I will check the returned packages daily to make sure arrange the replacement in time. Thanks.

Please feel free to write us whenever you have questions. We're always here to help.

posted Mar 5
by you
Sorry to bother you,
But if it's not too much trouble, instead of a exchanging for a NW flashlight, could you please send a CW flashlight instead?
You can keep the difference in price.

posted Mar 6
by Jasmine Staff
Would you please let me know the SKU number of the item you want to take as replacement? Thanks.

posted Mar 7
by you

posted Mar 8
by Jasmine Staff
I've arranged SKU 1229600 for you, and there was $2.68 price difference, here is the code for it: GCRF8406450453265505

A shipment notification will be sent to you when the replacement ship. 

You can also track the progress of the replacement from within your FastTech account.

posted Mar 13
by you
I've received the e-mail regarding the second shipment, but the status of my return has not been changed.

Just want to make sure that the returned item has been received by you?

posted 30 days
by Jasmine Staff
We haven't received the flashlight, but we do believe that you've returned it to us, the replacement is sent independently from the return to save your wait time.

Is there a tracking number available for the returned package? Thanks.

posted 25 days ago
by you
Sorry, no tracking number.
There was a cost of almost 10AUD more just for registered post.

If the shipment has not arrived by the end of this week I will check if there was any problems at the post office.

Definitely should have arrived by now, sorry for the long delay.

posted 24 days ago
by Jasmine Staff
We still didn't receive it by now, we will keep you updated once we have received it, thanks.

posted 24 days ago
by you
I've received my replacement M170.

Just FYI, it's a 3-mode non-ramping version.
That is, high-mid-low with 4 different strobes.

Doesn't really matter, just thought you'd like to know.

posted 23 days ago
by Jasmine Staff
Sorry for this issue, we've confirmed with the supplier and they mentioned that they had provided the wrong batch stock for us. We will pay more attention on this to make sure it won't happen again.

Thank you for your understanding.

posted ago
by you
Glad to see that it has finally been returned!
Deepest apologies for the wait, they truly did promise 10 day shipping, but it turned out to be a month and a half!

Thank you once again for all your help, Jasmine, you truly make FastTech a great place to buy from!

Customer closed ticket.


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sounds like they did pretty good, minus the manufacturer supplying the wrong product.
kind of funny asking for 4 protected panisonic 3400s instead of the 20% of $24.90… sounds like something i would try 8)

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surprise that they even take modified light back. i guess they have “ accident forgiveness” just like Allstate Smile
that’s why their business is booming here on BLF, topnotch customer service!

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You may want to edit out those coupon codes. Wink 

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scaru wrote:

You may want to edit out those coupon codes. Wink 


Used 'em three orders ago. Tongue Out

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wow well handled!

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The original defect sounds like the standard response of the driver to low voltage, if the batteries are fine then or the driver's voltage sensor is faulty or more probable: there is a serious resistance somewhere between the battery and the driver, my suspect: the switch.

Well, bit late for this kind of advice I suppose... Undecided