Beamshots from some of my lights

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Beamshots from some of my lights

Had some time the other night, so decided to do a few beamshots for a bit of fun.

The first is a fairly close up (circa 15’) to show beam profile, angle and spill. The second is aimed at a chimney approx 100’ away.

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Thank you for taking the time and effort to compile and post these beamshots, now if you put the same effort into weeding…… :bigsmile:

Good work chum, reminds me that I should get a camera.

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I like the Pop Lite T33 flood shot. Lovely flood!

ZY-T13 throw is good!

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radiancez567 wrote:
I like the Pop Lite T33 flood shot. Lovely flood! ZY-T13 throw is good!

I agree totally What current is the pop Lite running at? With a name like that it sounds like a light I should be giving my dad. He’s the kids Pop.


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thanks for the shots!
thats funny, i was gonna post how i like that poplite , pretty nice flood. and im gonna look into that light right now…looks like a good buy.

and then i scroll down , and most members that posted, talked about that pop lite hahah.
that light getting some fame.