Pila IBC Charger, Black and GITD Tailcaps

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Pila IBC Charger, Black and GITD Tailcaps

Thanks for coming to look at my items that I have for sale!

- All prices include the cost of shipping and are shipped within 2-3 business days.
- I accept PayPal, cash, and checks.
- Packages are sent out via USPS first class, parcel post, or priority depending on weight.
- I will take the utmost care when packaging these items to makes sure they arrive in original condition.
- Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
- Discounts are available if you order multiple items. (3 or more)

Pila IBC Charger - $12 shipped
(The last time I used it the unit got really warm and it had an electrical smell)

Black and GITD Tailcaps - $4/24 or $12/100

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PM sent. Thanks.

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PM sent.