Zoomable XM-L, 2 x 18650 on Ebay

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Zoomable XM-L, 2 x 18650 on Ebay

Has this already been discussed?

If it has decent optics, a zoomable XM-L might be a real kick in the butt!




Too bad it's so fugly. Looks sort of like an Ultrafire 501B body with a zoomable head on it.

Another seller has it with better pictures here


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Even though I got a dog with the Yezl raptor, I keep hoping that a really good XML FTT will come around. I'm not going for this one though. I think it is a concept that is bound to fail. We all know how bright an XML is and can't help but be disappointed when we see the XML with all the optical restrictions this design brings. When someone manufactures an XML recoil, I will again be willing to be the guinea pig.

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Sorry, but it looks to me like just another junk host fitted with an XM-L.........and a very inflated price $60-65 inc delivery!

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Like Langcjl said, an xm-l zoomie is a lesson in disappiontment if you're expecting any sort of throw.  I noticed this during a previous mod with an Edi-T T11. 

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Match wrote:

Like Langcjl said, an xm-l zoomie is a lesson in disappiontment if you're expecting any sort of throw.  I noticed this during a previous mod with an Edi-T T11. 

I think it would work with a much larger lens well above 50mm. I just tried it with an XM-L hoist (C8) without the head and a 66mm aspheric lens. This combo throws an image of the die about the same size like the Edi-T T11. Match, start up your lathe. We need a ~70mm zooming head assembly for C8. You know, size matters.

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The head on that thing is designed wrong. Instead of spreading out, it tapers inward and only allows a small lens to be fitted.

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