Is there a good basic 26650 flashlight like a C8?

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Is there a good basic 26650 flashlight like a C8?

I’ve been considering 26650, but many of those flashlights have multiple emitters, and there seems to be very limited 26650 battery choices. So 2 part question…

First, does anyone make a good straightforward single emitter light? A light that doesn’t look like it was designed by a 12 year old, or look like its some kind of kinky toy. Something like a C8 with a fatter tube.

Second, what are good 26650 batteries? Everything on eBay seem to be Ultrafire, Trustfire, Tangsfire, and Junkfire. No Panasonics. I’m a little afraid 26650 batteries just aren’t quite there yet. Thoughts?

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The Ultrafire 2010 is what you describe.

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maybe not good as HD2010 but Paisen U2-Z6 is quite good same as TF A8

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As for batteries, I would recommend the KingKong cells, we don’t have many options like Panasonics. Check out HKJ’s reviews for excellant comparisons and tests.

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There aren’t very good 26650 battery and light options, many seem to be pretty good but you do a lot better in 18650 (unfortunately)

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