Several people have requested that we offer an explanation as to the sudden price increase on our website for this product - so here goes:

As most of you are aware the product and the associated sourcing of components and marketing is in the fledgling stages. While many of the components comprising the product line have costs which are reliable and stable the costs of the lithium-ion batteries used for all of the models hinges on what is essentially a blowout/closeout price on lithium-ion batteries by Cellboost who provides the RPCX battery used in all of the models. At the time the prices were originally formulated we were under the impression that we would be able to source LI batteries at a similar cost but it became evident that once the supply of batteries from Cellboost dried up the prices we were offering would be impossible to maintain. This coupled with a flood of orders and limited supply of RPCXs on hand necessitated that we raise the price as a contingency measure to reflect what it would cost to build the units with batteries that were sourced via mainstream/conventional sourcing. In the interim however we have been able to acquire enough of the Cellboost batteries to offer the units once again at prices very close to the original pricing. For those people that had intended to buy our products and became disillusioned with the sudden price increase we hope that the revisited prices will allow you to make a purchase if you still so desire. At a cost of 20 cents per watt/hour the RPCXs are very hard to match cost wise and frankly unless there is a radical change in the cost of LI batteries from conventional sources we don't expect to be able to offer these prices once Cellboost is done with liquidating their inventory.

Here are the prices that we can offer to CP forum members at the present time (simply state your CP username when ordering to receive this price - these prices will NOT be published on the website until Monday 6/6).

LP-35A $95.00
LP-35B $105.00
LP-50A $105.00
LP-50B $115.00
LP-70 $135.00
LP-100A $225.00
LP-100B $235.00
LP-150 $365.00
LP-250 $450.00


PS: We had hoped to create a product that was strictly geared towards giving the biggest bang for the buck performance wise without the fancy and esoteric packaging of more expensive lights - if the prices can be brought down lower we will do our best to do it - in the works at moment is a compact version of the 100W unit with shorter run time and price.