Match's Mods Giveaway - Game Over

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Match's Mods Giveaway - Game Over

Hiya folks,

  This is just my way of giving thanks and letting y'all know I appreciate this community we have here (Thanks to/from JacktheClipper too...he donated the light to me). Up for drawing is my most recent build:

It is from this build

To be included, just post here and maybe give a reason or two why you like the site.  Lurkers, time to register and be counted.

I haven't decided how the drawing will be held (most likely, but I'll  update this first post if I think of something better.  Drawing to be held Monday, June 13th @ 10pm EST.



Updated List (as of 6/13 7:30am)

1.) JohnnyMac

2.) Be-Seen Triker

3.) boomhauer

4.) SirJohn

5.) Huny74

6.) 33696933

7.) how2

8.) jamesearljonesisascab

9.) Confusius

10.) JAS

11.) Light_Of_Day

12.) HID45

13.) Jacobhl

14.) keltex78

15.) Piers

16.) tbenedict

17.) Don

18.) Langcjl

19.) monanoke

20.) fran82

21.) Davx

22.) df2dot

23.) howler99

24.) rzezniq

25.) mizjif

26.) Rolz

27.) KDLST

28.) lfrit

29.) ledoman

30.) devman

31.) E1320

32.) RedForestUK

33.) Paranid

34.) fishinfool

35.) dobermann100

36.) s1mp13m4n

37.) Buwuve

38.) ZW99GT

39.) FlashlightFoytm

40.) mazda96hatch

41.) Noodles

42.) agenthex

43.) edc

44.) okyeung

45.) Budgeteer

46.) josith

47.) hyde

48.) raccoon city

49.) Boaz

50.) kragmutt

51.) UDO

52.5) sb56637 -don't worry, noone will doubt it if you win (especially with a number like 52.5!)

53.) 97381

54.) vinhnguyen54

55.) Kokopelli

56.) Sontakke

57.) magnet

58.) asot

59.) brjones

60.) bla2000

61.) Janko.hrasko

62.) Vectrex

63.) Sixty545

64.) NiBi

65.) dorpmuller

66.) paddling_man

67.) scruffy dog

68.) heinzeins 

69.) Ford Prefect

70.) ChibiM

71.) e10sno

72.) Cessnapilot

73.) Charlestt

74.) Pounder

75.) 2pts1scn

The list is complete. 1 in 75 chance...who will it be??

And the answer is Devman!  Congrats!


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This site is the best mainly for the people on it! Honest people with honest opinions about honest flashlights. You will never find a nicer group of people from all walks and nations. Hell, I'm addicted to the damn site more than I am to flashlights, me thinks! LOL

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Wow, what a nice gesture.  What I like about this place is the foundation of civility that it is built upon.  Self moderation almost eliminates the need for any moderation at all.  Not to say that difference of opinion doesn't happen, as it would in any free conversation, but the tone is right.

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Awesome. Why is this site great? Because you can be an idiot and most of the time people won't treat you like an idiot. If I ever need a light related question answered, I ask it here, because I know I will get a real answer and I won't be judged on the content of the question.

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Hey, how did I miss this one? Looks to me like a light Luke Skywalker would have been proud of! (Oops, now I've outed myself as a Star Wars fan Wink )

I like BLF because it is a chaotic place with much OT-chat and where hijacking a thread is more the rule than the exception and nobody cares too much. It's a friendly, humorous and tolerant place like no other I have found yet. Why is that? Well, it's the people of course who make this place so unique. We are all different in background, expectations, budget and main focus to name just a few but in the end we are all here for (more or less) the same reasons, to discuss a harmless and rewarding hobby in a familiar atmosphere and have some fun. "Treat everybody else like you want to be treated yourself" is something I learned as a kid (dunno if it translates right) and I still think it's a very good thing to do, but in the real world most people don't give a sh*t it seems. Here on BLF it is the opposite, that's what I like about BLF.

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I like BLF because it just feels different , and a friendly community

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Lurkers You have nothing to lose.

Everything to gain - Friends and wealth of information.

No-one will put you down here - everyones nice.

So just join the great community.


You get a chance to win Match's MOD Light

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It is the atmosphere here at BLF that draws a lot of people in. Theres so much simple easy to understand information just waiting to be absorbed. I always look forward to the reviews and the mods that everyone does. Thanks! Match and Jacktheclipper.



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Wohooo! Win a  Match Mod! Well, this is one reason to like this site right away: like-minded addicts enthusiasts doing awesome stuff! I honestly couldn't name a site that I visit as often as the BLF, there's always something new to see and learn. Big thanks to Mr. Admin and all fellow flashaholics! And thanks to the noble Mr. Match for this opportunity. Match Mods rock!

Confusius Say

Take out the fortune before you eat the cookie.

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Nice gesture Match.

BLF has been my favorite hang-out place.Great community with fantastic members. Kudos once again to Mr. Admin. 

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Glad I joined this site and would recomend that others who have an interest in flashlights to do the same. The reason is that those who take the lead in posting and controling this site do so in a manner that is friendly and informative. Because of their efforts BLF is a community of caring people united by a small, useful, and affodable product: flashlights.

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Thanks Match. I want this light bad bacause I'm just getting the hang of flashlight modding and want to learn (and see, and feel) how it's done by the best.

καὶ τὸ φῶς ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ φαίνει καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν

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This site is awesome because of so many things. There is so much valuable information, threads to be bookmarked and so on. But it's not just a database - there are also some knowledgeable people here who don't mind sharing what specific kind of knowledge they got when people ask. You can always be sure to get an answer to your question in here.

But the main reason I love BLF is the friendlyness. I'm a very new user here, but people treat me like I'm a regular. One of my first posts, and one of the regulars offered to order something for me, and ship it to me so that I could save on shipping costs. That's a kind of friendlyness you find anywhere else on the Internet.

Moving electrons to light my way.

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I like this site because it's filled with people who are intelligent, inventive, and open-minded regarding the posssibilities that are available on a budget. Many of us share the joys of creating, modifying, and improving everything we touch. Laughing

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Really...where else to people spend their time making something and then give it away to people they've never met? Smile

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I like BLF for the more open and less critical atmosphere.  Of course a forum is only as good as it's members, so there is another big plus!

Thanks for the chance Match.

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I want this one.



One of the things I really like about this place is that giveaways like this happen. They're a lot of fun for everyone. And no having to buy tickets or anything.


Another thing I like is the sense of community. Like the wonderful folks who sent me donations when Fizz died. Thanks folks, you're great!


And we have a lot of fun here...


Good luck to all of us!


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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Thanks Match and Jack. That would be a nice light for anyone to win. OK I like BLF because people feel free to discuss saving even one dollar without feeling self conscious about it.

Piers said " ....but who wants enough light, when you have the option for far too much "

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As lurker here and recent CPF castoff, I am absolutly loving the civility and almost texas like atmosphere friendliness here. 

Match, I have read all your reviews and have begun more DIY projects due to yours inspiration.  Thanks so much for doing this!  :bigsmile:


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Thanks match, I like that flashlight a lot.

Why I like BLF? Because is better than CPF!

Really, is the perfect site for those flashaholics like me........ very usefull and unique reviews of budget and non-budgets flashlights and, of course.......... very good "atmosphere" with the other users.


Thanks again!

Enjoy BLF

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monanoke wrote:

As lurker here and recent CPF castoff, I am absolutly loving the civility and almost texas like atmosphere friendliness here. 


Welcome to BLF monanoke!


Have a good time here, we do.


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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A Match Mod giveaway?? I'm i dreaming?? Ok, I'm in!

Why i like BLF? It's THE solution in case you have a problem with a flashlight but also if you're not so happy and you need to smile.

"There are always new jobs, women, and apartments......there is only ONE BLF." - Chicago X (27/03/2012)

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i like this web site because ...

“I personally believe, that U.S. Americans,
are unable to do so,
because uh,
some, people out there, in our nation don’t have maps.
and uh…
I believe that our education like such as in South Africa,
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and, I believe they should uh,
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or should help South Africa,
and should help the Iraq and Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future,
for us.”


still Fks  me up !!!!



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Ok, Match convinced me de-lurk. I found BLF from Woot.

Great community...highest info+knowledge+friendliness to attitude ratio of anywhere on the net. 


A special thanks I believe to Brted for:

I have 1000 questions for you guys, but it would be more like 10,000 with this sight. 

Also, jekostas for his amazing info on knives.



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I like this page because people here are helpful and have great knowledge. Chance to win free lights it's just additional bonus! Smile

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I like this site because of the crazy generosity, the willingness to help one another, and the fact that I don't just feel like a number here. It feels very personal which is refreshing from other forums! Thanks match and thanks everyone for that!!
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I visit the site daily and ready many of the great posts people make. Being able to learn form others is fantastic experiences is great. The posts are so informative making it a great site to visit all the time.

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Damn i was even thinking about pm you to buy that light after i read your mod post about it :d Ok why i like this site People are really friendly!!!! I'm not a hardcore flashaholic but i do like to chat about them since my dad isn't in to it and neighter is my girlfriend Silly I really like to read the reviews to base my purchases on since i'm a student and thus don't have the cashflow to buy a flashlight a week And the mods are just fantastic to read!! Koen
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There are many reasons i like this site. First and foremost, pretty much everyone here is willing to give information without being uppity about it. The reviews done here are quite amazing and honest. You all appreciate the fact that a light doesn't have to cost a minimum amount of money before it can be quality.

I bought my first flashlight on DX based on reviews there, went to CPF and wasn't well received because i didn't have any lights costing $150.

I eventually stumbled upon this forum and lurked for a while until i decided that the people here seemed to be nice and helpful. I haven't looked back since, and look forward to seeing what people have to say about the newest budget lights!

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I like this site cause it's (still) not to big so i can read most posts and learn a lot of stuff. Getting good ideas and members are friendly. Reviews are great thing to see how some products are built and if they are of any good. Like it very much. Hope we won't get in a talks about whole bunch of equipments, one additional (knives) is enough.

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WOOHOO!  I'm sure to win this time!*

*once I get mod powers, delete competing posts, and hid the thread from the general public.  That was my mistake last time.  Lotta work to do before monday!

Hehe, anyways, thanks match, if only for the hope.