My first bit of minor-ish customising - teeny tactical

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My first bit of minor-ish customising - teeny tactical

Wanted a really small light with throw for Airgun hunting upto 35yds.

Picked up a SK68 and it seemed just the ticket but no one makes a remote switch for tailcaps that small (that I could find).

So pulled it apart and single moded it, removed the metal ring and replaced with a o-ring and lubed up all the moving parts.

Next came the switch, purchased a car phone charger from ebay disassembled and ripped the sipik tailcap apart.

Using only bits from the charger and the tailcap I knocked up a tailswitch, moving the clicky to the end of the USB cable and shrink tubing it. Put the other end through the cap of cigarette charger and wired it upto the remain of the plastic and spring, stuck it together – et voila.

Pretty happy with the result as ive never soldered before.

Ignore the extra heatshrink, left that on just in case the rubber from the charger didnt work.

SK68 £2.00
USB 1p
Post 60p
£2.61 and its bang on.

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Well done .

Nice mod .

What I do


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