Help Needed Choosing a light and battery with charger

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Yes, I want to repair my old light with new components. I’m just really new to this so I need to learn the basics about drivers and emitters and how to wire them. I have been reading around but there are so many links and so many options I just don’t know where to start.

I read a greatly written post on this a while back but have no clue how to find it again

The switch is easy just try a paperclip to go from battery to body and see if it lights

The LED is trickier, but if you have a multimeter with diode test try it on the LED, it will only light up with a faint glow so do it in a not very brightly lit room. You can also try a resistance check on the switch

Circuitry is harder, you can try measuring LED voltage with the light on see if its getting anything, since you only have one light you can’t try other circuits on it

Also make sure your battery is not dead, what you have now is known for being junk, you can try 3AA batteries in series, that will light the LED, just not super bright for super long (NiMH is better, alkalines don’t do high current well). You can also use 2 alkalines or 3 nimh to test just the led, wire them in series, they can’t put out enough current to damage it.

The battery voltage should indicate its charge (but those junk batteries sometimes give high voltage when they are dead), less then 2.5V get rid of the battery and never try to use it again (it could explode), 2.8-3V is dead, 3.8V is about 40% charge, and 4.2V is filly charged.

Out of what you have the battery is the weakest link, the charger is the next weakest,then the switch and circuitry, its unlikely the body would be the problem, and its highly unlikely the LED is toast, Cree LEDs are almost bulletproof

I think its the driver, or the switch. The LED emitter lights up when hooked up straight to the battery. The battery voltage is around 4.0v – 4.1v. Can you provide me links to where I can find replacement parts for that light?
HWAWTS UltraFire XML-T6 This is my first post with pic of the light I have.

What diameter is the driver?
17mm is the easiest to replace, some lights have 18 or 20mm.
You should be able to yank out the switch, many lights have a metal retaining ring holding it in, unscrew that and push the parts out hte front, if you can post a pic i bet someone will be able to recommend a better quality one.
Do try bypassing the switch with a paperclip to see if that is whats wrong with the light first

I’m not sure what size, the lights at work and I’m out for the next 2 days. I’ll be sure to try bypassing the switch and I’ll keep you posted. When I get the chance I’ll make another posting out with pics and questions on how to upgrade or bring back my old light from the dead.
I was also thinking of getting a really floody head lamp or any super floody light that pocket-able. Do you know where I should start looking?

Yep turns out the Switch is the culprit, bypassed it and it worked like a charm. I’ll measure it and look for parts to fix it.