Any interest in high discharge 18650 batteries?

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Any interest in high discharge 18650 batteries?
Hey everyone, I came across some interesting Batteries, Samsung 2100mah 18650's that are rated at 10A discharge. Also some 1600mah sanyo's that discharge at 15A! Just wondering if anyone is actually interested in these for flashlights or are they more for the RC crowd? Seems like you we would need to add a cooling fan for a flashlight that discharged 15A Since these batteries are starting to become available do you think the flashlight manufactures will respond with lights capable of pushing this kind of current?
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There's tons of interest in such batteries, if your sample consists of BLF/CPF members.  For the general public, probably not nearly so...


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What is nice about such cells are their ability to maintain voltage during discharge and charge because of their lower internal resistance. This is usually at the expense of capacity and cycle life though.

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