17670 to 14500 sleeve/adapter?

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17670 to 14500 sleeve/adapter?

Anyone knows of any 17670 to 14500 either single or double adapter?
the only one I know is oveready, but although nice, it’s way too pricey for my project in a cheap flashlight.


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Make one? Wrap cardstock (or some other heavy-ish paper) around the battery and tape it to make your own tube.

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I don't know what sizes are standard in Oz. Here in the US, 3/4-inch electrical conduit (steel) makes a good sleeve for 18650 to 14500 applications; 3/4-inch plastic irrigation pipe (for lawn sprinklers and such) is cheap and versatile, cut to length and slit lengthwise.

You'll still need a spacer for length, though. Maybe brass rod wrapped with tape or shrink-wrapped to prevent shorting in the tube.

Browse the local hardware store.