(Sold) 3x nichia mod $35 free shipping

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(Sold) 3x nichia mod $35 free shipping

Up for sale tonight is my 3x nichia mod. It’s in a 502b host, with a bunch of heatsinking added. For a driver it has a nanjg with High, Medium and Low. The tint is perfect on this light. High CRI at it’s best. This has great optics with a flawless beam. It’s 600 lumens on high and low is only 5% of that. I also put heavier wire on the driver and did a spring mod as well.

So perfect high CRI tint, great driver and a beam without a hint of a ring in sight!

$35 with free shipping to the US

$30 plus exact shipping to anyone else.

I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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Wanna Must have it! Smile
How much added shipping to Germany?

Aloha, Uli

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I wish I had some $$$ right now Cry

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This picture is worthless without threads! Silly

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interested, please post some pictures.

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Mike C
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I’ll take it (if you don’t count any of the above posts as reserved).