Need Help!! BLF SRK FET driver assistance needed.

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Need Help!! BLF SRK FET driver assistance needed.

I am SOOO frustrated right now and discouraged.  I ordered a couple of the BLF SRK FET drivers from Mtn ELectronics.  One for a Terminator mod and a second for a future SRK mod.

Last night I was working on the Terminator mod figuring it should be straight forward.  Man was I wrong.  Anyway, I removed the original driver, fit the new one by trimming a hair off the tabs, soldered the LED- wires to the LED- pads on the driver.  Soldered the LED+ wires to the LED+ pads on the driver.  Tested the 4 wires for the electronic switch and confirmed which two are for the switch momentary and which provide power for the green and red LEDs.  After double checking the switch leads with a continuity test on my DMM, I soldered those two wires to the switch pads on the new driver.  Should be good now, no?

NOPE!  I have nothing!  Nada! Zip! Zilch!  What am I missing here, folks?  Has anyone else had any issue with this?  Is there something else that needs to be done with the driver that I'm not aware of?  The negative contact ring should go through to the inner negative pads and traces.  Same with the positive center pad.  I'm about to completely give up on modding any of this crap, that's how frustrated I am. Yell

Edit:  As soon as I posted this I reviewed everything once more in my head and realised that even though the inside of the light is completely anodized, I neglected to put an insulating washer between the center retaining bolt head and the positive contact pad of the driver.  If any of the ano is missing it might be causing a short.  I'll have to  take care of the as soon as I get home and see if that was the problem.  My original questions still stand just in case it's not what I think it might be.  Any other suggestions.