Convoy S2+ clip

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Convoy S2+ clip

 I remember people asking about a clip for the convoy S2+ when ordering it so i thought I'd mention that the clip that came with the F6 roche  fits it very nicely .

 personnally I'm not much of a clip guy but I can understand wanting the clip on the S 2+ much more than on the Roche f6.

After playing with this a little bit tonight I'd say it's very sturdy and fits like it was made for it .Only downside is it is flaired out on each end. Some people might want to grind the ends off. 

 Before i figured this out I was thinking maybe a knife clip might work 


* my clicky seemed a bit spongy feeling and had to be pushed very far to get it to turn on ...A couple round disks of thick paper between the rubber boot and the clicky made it go from ..funky ... to fantastic ...// remember the threads on the clicky are reversed lefty tighty and righty loosey..

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