DX Second Giveaway--Sunwayman D20A? NITECORE HC50!! Now send you for free!!! Try your luck now

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Nitecore HC50.

Well built, good looking, great features. Would Love to get my hands on one.

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I like the HC50. I have no headlamp of a certain quality and I would do well.

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If I had the funds I would buy the nitecore HC50
I like headlamps and am still in the market for a good one. The HC50 seems to be highly recommended for this.

Thanks for the giveaway! I’m in!

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UltraFire HP-3 Flood-to-Throw Zooming
SKU: 331534

18650 + zoom + good price what else to ask ?:)

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Having no headlamp, but wanting to try one, I love the HC50 features, especially the combination of beam colors.

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I like the Nitecore HC50 as i have never owned a head torch and this one looks like the big daddy of head torches, specially with such a renowned name of Nitecore to back up its function and quality build
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The Nitecore HC50 looks like it would be a very nice headlamp.  Should be on the floody side which is great for general usage and when working on things.  Are those 5mm red leds on each side of the reflector?  If yes, than that really might be a nice headlamp.

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I got to go with the Sunwayman D20a. Looks like it would make a great compact light to carry, and its really unique with its 1911 styling up front.

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I'd really like the Sunwayman D20A.  I have a D40A and love it, but I've been very intrigued by the high power red emitter of the D20A and the flat format, and of course it's handy to have another AA flashlight to give all my AA batteries some purpose.

The low mode should be lower.

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The Nitecore HC50 is what i’m interested in.
I have one other headlamp and it would be nice to see how this measures up to it.

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Thank you for another giveaway. This is so generous!
I really like HC50 because I don’t really have any quality headlamp and this one look like one of the nicest headlamps! LOL

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Sunwayman D20A!!!

It gives you a nostalgic feeling at first glance, yet you can see some kind of high tech stuffs going-on in there at close up. One maybe fooled, if I tell them it is a top secret project made by NASA! Edit: Whoa, I just read from their site that D20A light design was inspired by locomotive. Nice.

D20A is compact in size with reasonably brightness product by single XP-G2 with 2xAAs. Additional choice of red XP-E emitter for low profile illumination in dark environment or signal purpose? You are rest assure that all Sunwayman flashlights have excellent build quality, tough and durable to withstand all kind of abuse (of course, I will take great care of if I am the lucky winner). LOL.


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The Sunwayman D20A suits me best: the emergency response organization I’m involved with recommends AA flashlights, and my girlfriend insists that I need to put red filters on my flashlights when we’re night hiking so I don’t ruin her night vision. The D20A looks perfect for both applications!

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count me in, i like the nitecore HC50, i like to compare it with my zebralight H600w mk2 Big Smile

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I would like to have the HC50!

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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I like the SWM D20A.
The red led will complement my Nitecore HC50.

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I like the HC50 design. I hate headlamps with rear battery packs and cables. I also like the modes available on it.

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Hc50. Anything you can strap around your head is golden.

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I like the hc50 because I don’t have a headlamp and the form factor and brand name show quality.

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Sunwayman D20A I really like compact aa lights. With the red light for night vision this is nice.

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Nitecore HC50 – has red LED’s, loads of modes for every occasion, unibody construction, so hopefully sturdy and has good heat dissipation.

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That NITECORE HC50 interests me because of the brightness and battery.

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Nitecore HC50
There are times when you need both hands… So a head lamp is great, and this one looks really good!
I also like KINFIRE KH-30 because it is quite cheap. I hope the quality is good.
I’ll be happy to post a review.

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I love it because it looks like a kick ass light and the light i suggest for discount is the Olight H15s because it has battery versatility (and it actually uses an equal amount of off the shelf batteries so I am not stuck with single batteries in my bags because it only needs 3 out of a 4 pack, I hate that!) and because it looks like it incorporates old ideas in a new way.  (click image for linky to light)

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NITECORE HC50 would be the best one!

Is is a high quality headlamp!

High output!

Good spill/throw combination!

Efficient electrical circuit!

Thanks for the give away!

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I really like the NITECORE HC50, it’s a well known brand, and it seems a nice design and quality. I like headlamps, because I can use both hands when working at my bench.

Thanks DX for the giveaways!

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I like all the lights, but especially Nitecore HC50.
I really want a headlamp for my disaster preparedness “Bug Out Bag”

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HC50..love headlamps..useful for everything from camping to home renovations..

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The Nitecore HC50 looks like it is unbreakable because of the small protective glass/plastic. This light also offers good flood with a useable amount of hotspot! Thank you for the offer!

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The Sunwayman D20A is an cool looking light