Who mod's Maglites?

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Who mod's Maglites?

I’ve decided that I want to look into getting my Maglite modded (probably because of all of the Maglite post recently). I bought the ML125 rechargeable LED light a few years back and it was what really sparked my interest in flashlights because it was brighter than all of the other flashlights I’ve ever seen.

Enter Budget Light Forum (stage right) and now my $100 light can’t outshine a $30 XinTD C8 v5 :_( . So, I’d like to see if someone wants to take on the task (if it’s even possible) to slide in a newer LED and drive it a little harder. I love the form of the light, and the modes that come with it, it just sucks seeing a nice and relatively expensive light collect dust while all of the other lights get used constantly.

Who is the best (or has done this before) that would be willing to work on it for me?

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Vesture of blood, and old lumens... along with a lot of others too