Super thrower DX style?

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Super thrower DX style?

I'm just curious if anyone has ordered the largest aspheric lens from DX. I think it is 66 mm or something like that. If so, what did you put it in and how did it work out?

The only case I can recall of someone using that lens was when Dr. Jones created the CAT9000 or something like was a cat food can of the correct diameter into which he placed the 66 mm aspheric at one end and used a XR-E R2 at the other end.

Has anyone found a more traditional host? Many of the lights with large diameters on DX are too deep for the aspheric to focus so I'm just interested to see if anyone did manage to find a host.

Maybe it was meant for one of the Maglights (I don't actually know much about them as far as sizes/models/etc.).



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for any mag i've seen

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The 109 LED light that was at DX (and now at harbor freight) I think will work as a host for that lens.
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The 66m and 75mm lens are good and fit w/ 2.5in and 3in pvc couplers. The slightly harder dilemma is in finding a circular heatsink of about the right size to fit in w/ some tape, and battery carriers. This is the least work possible to using these, the existing hosts all need machining.

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