Key binding? Can I do this for forum and other web use?

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Key binding? Can I do this for forum and other web use?

Hi all,

Back when I played games we could bind keys in the game console so that all I needed to do was hit that key to say a particular phrase.

My question is can I do that for normal internet chatter like on forums?

Say for example is there a way I could make like Alt M  type a full phrase like "Have a great day" or something?

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I think AutoHotKey would do the job you described:

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Chrome has an extension called shortcut manager
that may do what you want. I have not tried it.

_ “Customize shortcut keys; Assign any Javascript code or browser actions to any key strokes.
You can change the browser default shortcut keys, and assign any bookmarklets or Javascript action to your hotkeys. It works as Keyconfig on Firefox.” _

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