UltraFire LED Flashlight CREE Q5 7W 300Lumens 3modes Zoom

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UltraFire LED Flashlight CREE Q5 7W 300Lumens 3modes Zoom

Hey i got this cheap little flashlight which i bought a couple of weeks ago from ebay to try, for the price this thing is a amazing very bright on the high mode and the zoom feature is very cool to have, anyone having one of these? i doubt its anywhere close to 300 lumen but it feels good anyways , i had an old ultrafire stainless steel but it stopped working.., how can a flashlight that feels so wellmade cost less then 5$? i dont get it.. it looks pretty tight against some water and dust hehe..

Here is link if anyone want buy


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Hi mortus,
Welcome to BLF.
The light is a favorite here for a cheap, reliable light to gift or to keep in the car. I have about 8-10, most of which I bought off Ebay within the last 2 months. The only problem I have had is that recently some of the silver lights are very difficult to focus. I have had to use a rag to keep from hurting my hand when changing the focus. I have not found that trouble in any of the black lights.

For cheap light I recently bought a couple of these, https://www.fasttech.com/products/1815003. They are somewhat smaller, but they are not designed to focus like the subject lights. I like them so well that I ordered 3 more.

I am not a real flashaholic, but have bought enough so that my wife would contradict that. She does not mind, as it gives me something to do. Be careful or you might awaken and wonder where you got all the flashlights. :bigsmile:

Hope you and yours have a Blessed Christmas.


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For mortuus: that’s referred to generally as a “SK68 clone” — put “SK68” in the search box, upper left corner, to find much more about them.
These are generally a “lottery” purchase — even if you buy half a dozen at the same time from the same source, they’re likely to differ a bit.

Personally if you want more like that I’d suggest searching for “SK58” (slightly older model with fewer short edges) — ‘oogle as well as search here will find those.
They weren’t cloned a lot and I gather aren’t as much of a lottery, generally also not quite as low price as not quite as cheaply made, but sturdy reliable lights.

Or search here in BLF for “#3 zoom” — another widely cloned light, also fewer sharp edges than SK68s. That one too is a lottery kind of light.

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I bought 4 of these lights from ebay, US shipper for $17.08. (Mine are black, marked Ultrafire and Cree Q5)

As said, they are a bit of a lottery quality wise but mine all work fine and operate smoothly, although the tint is quite blue.

Great for a car glovebox or in your toolbox or somewhere else you just want to stash a light. IMHO these are a perfect application for the Titanium Innovations 3 volt 14505 primary ($1.50 each from Battery Junction). Nice and bright on the 3 volt source and the lithium has extremely low self-discharge so no worries with long term storage.