are these cells balaced for my my diy power bank ?

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are these cells balaced for my my diy power bank ?


i have a 5 cell diy power bank.

i have extracted some cells from a laptop battery. i charged them using 500ma and then let them rest for few hours .. then discharged them at 500ma below are result.

discharge  took 4:11  hour:minutes    2069mah
discharge  took 4:14  hour:minutes  2098mah
discharge  took 4:15  hour:minutes   2102mah
discharge  took 4:06  hour:minutes   2048mah
discharge  took 4:17  hour:minutes   2139mah


are they balanced for this power bank ?  







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that third cell is a bit wonky however, if the cells are all in parallel, you should be fine. Cells are more of a danger when they are in series and one or more can be seriously overdischaged.

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