Xtar usb chargers input power requirements for lithium's

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Xtar usb chargers input power requirements for lithium's


I’ve been looking at various Xtar chargers for on and off-grid use. Is there any difference between the Xtar VC2, VC2 Plus and VC4 input power requirements while charging only one or two lithium batteries?

Power input ratings

VC2 — 5 volts @ 1 amp

VC2+ – 5 volts @ 2.1 amps

VC4 — 5 volts @ 2.1 amps

A 5 volts / 1 amp supply can be use with a VC2+ or VC4 when charging (only) one or two lithium batteries?

What occurs if the 5 volt current input falls under 1 or 2.1 amps? The charger lowers the charging amps and shuts down if it falls below a min. current setpoint?

All versions work exactly the same while trying to revive lithium batteries?

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I have a Banyou BY002X ( li-0n USB powered ,2 slot)

With 2 batteries the power draw from usb is 5.26v, 1.8A ( battery from 3.3-3.5v )

Max power draw was 5.26v , 2.09A ( used Acer USB charger rated @5.35v , 2A .( Most powerful Usb charger / power supply I have !!!)

above 95-98% battery %, power draw was 5.26v, 0.12A or sometimes 0A !!!

I don’t know whether this is the max limit of power draw of the battery charger BY002X , or usb power supply max limit is reached.( The usb cables are rated @ 2A ,, I used the shortest cable )

What I mean to stress is Voltage draw is higher than than standard USB convection which is 5v +-0.5% ,
I wouldn’t be surprised if it draws 5.3-5.4v @2A !!!

U can go through HKJ review , I think he has explained ur doubt ,, by increasing the voltage to 5.2v+ and seen / shown reduction in battery charging time.


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