Pocketable, small head 3X Cree 26650

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Pocketable, small head 3X Cree 26650


I have recently become interested (my wife might say “consumed”) with modern LED flashlights. We have moved to the country and for nighttime dogs walks and other excursions, I have decided on a flood headlamp for primary illumination. I want to be able clearly to see where I am putting my feet (i.e. copperhead snake territory…!) without having my vision affected by a bright hotspot. But, I also would like a second, relatively compact and pocketable flashlight capable of peering into the brush/trees in order to check out whatever may be rustling the leaves. Long range really isn’t needed for this and a wide, smooth, but bright beam profile seems like a good choice. With this in mind, I have been drawn to the 3 LED single 26650 form.

I have done a bit of searching and there aren’t a lot of offerings in this category. After reading several reviews I concluded my needs would be met by the “non-budget” Foursevens MMU-X3. I am well familiar with the Surefire 6P and actually like the similar UI. However, I soon became aware the company now only offers the “Regen” model with proprietary battery and onboard charging. I am simply not interested in being locked into proprietary battery packs. Goodbye, 7777s.

After some more “googling”, it seems there are but few pocketable, compact, multi-emitter “search lights.” The DQG Tiny Triple 26650 came up. Ahhh, really interesting. But, it looks to be a pure flooder with rather limited range. Not really what I am looking for. Flood is the headlamp’s job.

Next, was the Shadow SL3. It seems to have been discontinued by most of the vendors, but CNQG is still showing it listed. However, the head, at 65mm / 2.5 inches, seems a bit large to be pocket friendly.


Next identified as a possible candidate was the Luckysun F3X. At ~8 inches long by ~2 inches wide at the head (200mm X 50mm), it can probably be stuffed into a LARGE pocket… :-(… It seems to be a new offering and has no reviews that I can find. …Really need some beamshot comparisons for this light…


Of course, the Olight SRmini triple XML2 came up in the searches. At ~5 inches long by ~2 inches wide (132mm X 42mm) it looks pocketable, albeit a bit hefty with the three 18650s. And, a bit wide for using a “cigar grip”… Smile Its a flooder, but the sheer output of +3000 lumens on turbo would most likely provide enough range to more than serve my intended purpose. Not exactly budget, either.

I could easily give up on the idea of a triple and decide to poke holes in the darkness with a Supfire L5 single emitter 26650 at 5.7 inches long by 1.8 inches wide (145mm X 40mm.)

So, BLFers, I am just dreaming about the usefulness of a pocket friendly, small-ish diameter triple-emitter head, single 26650, wide beam profile, medium-distance searchlight? Or is there one available that I have overlooked? I am presently not into modding (too many other hobbies.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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How about the DQG 26650?

Dimensions: 99mm x 38mm
DQG 26650

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right.wait for the new model of DQG!!

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^ what they said.

Also, we might be neighbors of a sort. I’m up in Gallatin

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I believe he already stated the dqg tiny 26650 might be too floody for his needs and I would have to agree with him on that.  

That said, if you have nodding abilities an X6 with triple xp-l hi and CUTE optics would fit his needs precisely (aside from 26650 desire).  Post in the WTB section and see if someone has one for sale or would be willing to make you one. You wouldn't regret it one bit. Wink

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Olight L5 pro was at the Shot Show 2016 https://youtu.be/q4pbM9HR16E Not budget either or a triple but it does 3000 claimed lumens and fit the size wanted. However this is one of the next gen to use a voltage boost to get single cell lights to run 6 and 12 Volt LED’s. I believe DQG did it first but with XP-G’s.

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Thnx for that luckysun F3X light! Looks great.

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DQG I think uses a custom optic, I have the first verion. I looked a while back for a replacement optic (or a replacement LED board and optic) that would give me a choice of beam patterns

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If you’re interested in the LuckySun F3X, I’d suggest that you also consider the Shadow JM35.

LuckySun F3X
More flexible (can use 1×26650 or 2×26650)
1500 lumens
LED color 6500K
Tail switch
Turbo > Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS
Mode memory: Advances to next mode at turn on
$39.24, includes charger and 26650 battery

Shadow JM35
Choice of 1×26650 or 2×26650 (not interchangeable)
1900 lumens
LED color, choice of 5000K or 6000K
Dual switches: tail switch (off-on) and side switch (mode selection)
Lo > Mid > Hi > Turbo
Mode memory: Remembers last mode at turn on
$$$ (check with M4D M4X for discount codes), does not include charger or battery


- Since I already had 26650 batteries and a charger, the “gift set” of the LuckySun F3X wouldn’t have appealed to me.

- And I had decided that I wanted the more balanced 2×26650 flashlight (rather than the stubby 1×26650 form factor), so the fact that the LuckySun F3X had interchangeable tubes wouldn’t be a big draw for me.

- Lastly, the more neutral 5000K tint of the Shadow JM35 MT-G2 is (IMO) a winner.

I have been very happy with my JM35. It’s a great general purpose flashlight. I usually use it on high, but it’s nice to have the turbo available. With a medium size hot spot, it is not a great thrower, my Convoy C8 easily outthrows it. But it is a handy, well-balanced, comfortable flashlight for use around the house.

And I’m even happier with the discount price. Smile

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Snakes (and not so dangerous as the one you mention) love the pit where the watermeter is.
I have seen rather big snakes on our islands (about 1.5m) and for that reason I am very happy with my NOT pockatable basebat bat sized flashlight.

would a C22C sunwayman be a good edc thingy, 1 warm white led for the area where you walk and 1 white led pointing ahead.

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New triple from Uniquefire?


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Dru_dragon wrote:
New triple from Uniquefire?

…with LatticeBright-tastic emitters: :Sp

At least they show us a nice photo so we can plainly see that what is being ordered doesn’t match the description…
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It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…