TK61 XH-P 35 HI project

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TK61 XH-P 35 HI project

I have an Fenix TK61 with a dedomed xm-l2 and boost driver. It is the flashlight I have modded most times. First mod was an mt-g2 with zener modded fet driver, after that was Richard’s super driver with an xm-l2, after that was an xhp50 and now it has stock boosted driver with an xm-l2.
My main problem with non stock driver mods was parasitic drain. This is already has been solved with Richard’s ldo fet drivers. If I mod battery carrier from 2s2p to 4s, I can use a 12v xh-p35. For now, I missing this led, can anyone in EU have a spare to sell me, as far I know it is not yet available for China vendors and the places I have looked for, have sky high postage costs.
Any suggestions are welcome.


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James may have what you want.
If not give me a pm.


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