Mouser EU support....

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Mouser EU support....

Well, i was interested in their XPLs so i mailed them about details,tins and such…( my corporate mail was used in order to have a better responce time)
-Greetings, I am interested in Cree XPL emitters with those part numbers: 941-XPLAWT00000V5051 , 941-XPLAWT00000V5050 , 941-XPLAWT00000V50E1 and 941-XPLAWT00000V5053. Whould you be so kind to point out their BIN code, i am especialy interested about their exact colour tint. Thanks for your support in advance. Regards

And the answer:( 2 weeks later)

Dear Mr. Petrof,

Thank you for contacting Mouser Electronics.

I believe you are interest to datecode information on the LED’s. Date code I cannot check for exact date code, but you could specify hoe old date code do you need. We could offer date code not older then 1 year, 2 years, 5 years. All of the part numbers mentioned below are fairly new products for Mouser and they are all identified as a cool white. If you have any further questions, please, contact me.

Date codes? FTW? I mailed several times afterthat but i never got any reply, the last email was with pictures included exacly for what to look for Smile
Well…. i know we( the world) are in the middle of a crysis ( again) but lately Mouser pesronel is…more or less “ incompetent”…i have better support from Gearbest( for instance) or most of our flashlight providers

Yes, Mouser isnt a budget company, yet their support is quite budget i guess

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That is a shame that they were unable to answer your question, especially as the answer is in the data sheet….. Sad

Maybe you were just unlucky and got the unexperienced school-leaver.