New seeking LED flashlight choice advice - see specs

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New seeking LED flashlight choice advice - see specs

New to LED flashlights. Right now I’m worn-out from googling too many LED flashlights. I was thrown an LED flash-lite link in a blade forum I’m a member of and innocently clicked on it. One click – that was all it took. The member posted the link with the warning -“CAREFUL DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK. NO GOOD CAN COME OF IT.” It was a site called bang-good and hosted zillions of tasty LED flashlights for sale.

Please. I’ve become dis-oriented. Here’s my current quest. Perhaps you guys can short-list a few top choices please -

WANTED – small comfy pocket-carry LED flashlight.

Must have enough brightness to use in an emergency to ‘flash-blind’ someone in case I run into trouble commuting on evening trains etc. Other than that – general purpose urban + home use. micro USB chargeable (or similar). Tail clicky. No twisties thanks. Quality piece. Must be reliable to work when needed. Comfy pocket-carry fit with pocket clip included. Lightweight enough to clip onto bill of cap when needed as a ‘miner’s light’.
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If you don’t mind a side switch instead of a tail cap one, maybe the Olight S10R will fit the bill.!A

Be sure to PM user M4D M4X before buying, he has a coupon code he can PM to you to lower the price of the flashlight.