What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

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What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

Hey folks seeing as this is a flashlight forum i would be guessing most of us keep a light or some sort beside our beds? So tell me all about it?

Mine is the Jetbeam BC40 mainly for the reason of its size can be used as a defense weapon even though it is fairly light and it has a good mix of throw and spill. I also keep a Hugsby XP-2 beside the bed in case i need light in the middle of the night and i don’t feel like waking up the house…

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have a Convoy S2+ in grey as a multi-purpose light.

Thorfire C8s on some occasions, like New Years Eve, holidays, 4th of July and so on.. just in case.

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C8 with warm white XML moon in memory
And the one I take after using it during the day (now the Convoy BD01)

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Convoy C8 or and M1

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Never seen a lower moonlight yet…and a wall of high CRI light if needed Smile

The charging dock is useful too !

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I’ve got three of them sitting there right now. But, the one I use every day is a green camo AA-cell (boost) single mode with a 5mm LED. It came in a pack of two for ~7 on sale at Tractor Supply. It has a side clicky switch with a GITD cover that is still giving off light when I wake up in the morning. I ceiling bounce the light from this flashlight in the morning to have just enough light to see around the room without disturbing my wife too much. Several lights have had a turn at this job. This one just happens to be in the position for no real reason. I’d actually prefer a lower level light, but I keep giving away my good flashlights that have moonlight mode. I’m just too gosh darn generous! Innocent

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My “stumble-to-the-potty” and “find-something-while-the-spouse-is-sleeping” light is my L2m shorty seen here. It’s very stable head standing and has a nice red illuminated tailcap. I recently swapped out the nichia with a 7A tint XM-L.

My “bump-in-the-night” light is a Convoy M2 quad Nichia 219c with a forward clicky that defaults to about 300-400 lumens but can blast more like 2500-3000 if I need it.

My “It’s-on-my-nightstand-because-I’m-running-out-of-places-to-put-lights” light is the blue S2+ linked in my signature line. Silly

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Olight S15R. Great moonlight mode which is what it is set to turn on to with a single click. It steps up to higher levels if needed but that seldom / never happens when it’s dark enough to need a light during the night.

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JetBeam WL-S1 with a 16500 lithium manganese oxide battery, 1 lumen moonlight, ~900 lumen max. It’s a great all-round light.

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My wife has a dollar store 9 led flashlight that puts out about 20 bluish lumens and I have a 1xAAA Utilitech key chain light that has a small aspheric and puts out about 50 lumens at max. I've had the utilitech for a couple years and it works good enough to keep from stubbing my toes on stuff. She has great night vision and never turns on a light, which irritates the heck out of me. I can't see anything in the dark, never could. Even moonlight is never enough.

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My (shorty 18350) Blf A6 , with 15degree optical lens Steve

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SmallSun ZY T08, UF-2100, NiteEye 10.

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I generally have several on the nightstand, but the usual culprits are:

1. Walk-through-the-house-at-night: gently-driven SK-68 (my Gearbest Digital-Sand camo) with pencil-modded driver and LB emitter replaced with a more neutral XP-E2

2. Bump-in-the-night light is my FastTech C20 18650 EDC-style light, with always-start-on-high 3A driver, CW XM-L2, and 25-degree TIR.

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It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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BLF A6 5A bare and Olight sr mini

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Olight S1 in moonlight memory, Convoy S2+ in lowest mode memory and BLF D80SE in turbo memory

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Olight S1 Raw Cu with wand attached in moonlight mode. Turns out my wife likes having a nightlight so we turn it on each night before sleeping. Plus it makes for a decorative and secure light on our metal nightstand.

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A rather flakey old Lumens Factory SP-6 w/ a XML 5C 3 mode drop-in + a trit vial lanyard.

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I have my X6 SE under the bed. On the table at the end of my bed has my whole collection LOL

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Stubby Eagle Eye X6 with a BLF A6 driver, starts on moonlight, GITD tailcap, and a red filter.

I think it’s a great size, and a bit harder to knock over than a 18650 tube light.

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Nitecore EA21 – has red light for super low lumens, can start in 1 lumen low mode or turbo from off, side switch so it doesn’t wake up the wife

Also have the DQG Tiny AA stuck to the bed frame as a nice little reading light.

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Trying out the BLF A01 Copper but I will probably go back to my Nitecore T0.

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I have 2 by the bed… I have a Thorfire VG10 with stock driver, XM-L2 4C and a GITD with red and orange LED’s, I find them good for sleeping and the ML mode on the VG10 is wonderful. I also have an S2 with triple XP-G2 3C with a very dim GITD tailcap with green LED’s. This is the one I grab if I think I need a lot of light!

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FW3A, LH351D 3500k
FW3A, SST20 FD2 4000k
FW3A, Cree XP-L Hi 5A3
Emisar D4V2, SST20 4000k
Emisar D4V2, brass E21A 3500k (night light of choice)

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Copper BLF A01.

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A Thorfire tg06 as my “doing a quick scout of the house light”, and my sunwayman d40a as my “the power is out” candle substitute, with a diffuser on.

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amber modded SK68 or amber modded #3 zoomie, and amber modded headlight — for getting around in the dark without waking the household with bright white light.
Something stunning if I need that as backup.

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Nitecore sr3

For the same reasons many people mentioned above …..It is very stable face down because of the large wide SS bezel . I never liked knocking stuff over when reaching for a light in the dark . forward clicky/ variable ring . Rock solid

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Convoy S2+ 18350 blue host w/ Moonlight Special 1+3*7135 driver and Nichia 219b emitter. Low moonlight is perfect to leave running on the nightstand, great tint, 18350 is plenty to run it for awhile and doesn’t need to get super bright.

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A big crowbar.
Will make someone see the stars, even if it’s not a light.

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Convoy C8, all purpose doing everything light. defaults to moonlight but FET/DD if needed………………

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Olight S1

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