500 post giveaway.. Err.. 700 post giveaway!

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500 post giveaway.. Err.. 700 post giveaway!

UPDATE 29-1-2017

Party time! Party

It’s finished! (yes for real!)

Just finished it yesterday, and its working great!
Took it out in the evening and I really like, to be honest I don’t what to give it away.

But, I have to.

Who is the lucky winner?
I’ve put every name in a word document and gave each name a number.
Using random.org I will generate a random number ranging from 1 to 168.

And the lucky number is……… 92.
Congratulations number 92!

Oh wait…. maybe its handy to tell you who number 92 is:
Congratulations, Beachlogger!

I hope that you’ll use this light a lot!

Thank you everyone for waiting. It has taken way too long, sorry about that! Beer

UPDATE 19-12-2016

Alright guys (and girls), It’s finished. (finally I know… Big Smile )

What did I make?
Well unfortunately I totally forgot to make any pictures… Facepalm
I was too caught up with modding that I just didn’t think of making any pictures.
But let that not spoil it.
So what did I make?
It’s a convoy L6 with a XHP35 HI and LD-2 driver.
Some already see that it requires a 4s setup, 4 26350’s to be precise. My plan is to send them with the light but I don’t know if that’s possible.
I’ve contacted the post office with the questions if its possible.

This giveaway wil end in the next days.
With not fully charged cells I got a 2.2/2.3 A draw at the tail, the cells are now in the charger.

There is some dust in the reflector (it did come with some when ordered, what was to be expected) and lens. But I don’t think it will effect the beam.

It took me some time but I have finally reached the 500 post mark! Beer

Alright time to clear things up…

Since I switched jobs I really don’t have the time anymore to make this light.

Sorry about that but, I still want to finish it and once I do I’ll post it on the forum but that could take some time.

Instead of giving away this light I’ll give away something else. Give me a few days to decide what.

Time for a giveaway! Party

I’m planning to build a XHP35HI thrower. I already have a host in mind, though everything can still change.

One rule:
- You must be a member before of today

That’s all!
Just comment and you are in!

Havent decided when I will close the giveway but it will take some time to complete the light (I was a little unprepared so still have to order everything Innocent ).


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Wow, a giveaway at 500 posts, how kind. I’m not in but thanks for the giveaway.

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Yes, a very nice giveaway for 500 posts. I just won a very nice giveaway, so I won’t be entering myself.
Good luck to the winner.

The Miller
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XHP don’t have a light with that
But it means series and thus a little stress.
Gotten so much from this forum including nice lights from commercial vendors for reviews.
But did not win a GAW

OK I am thankfully in (until I win a GAW from member will be in for these things it is just exciting!)
Thanks and it will be interesting to see what you gonna build!

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That is rather swell of you. Congrats and thank you for the opportunity.

RicFlair is on the air with blonde hair & pink underwear!! Whaoooooo!

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Congrats my friend
I’m in.

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PICK ME! Thumbs Up

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Cool! Thank you… any details or is it a surprise?

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Thank you for this giveaway. I’m in!

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How generous you are! Thank you, maybe I will win one of these days.tongue-out

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Well done on 500 posts! I’m in please – thanks

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I’m in.


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Cool thijsco19 ………. Congrats and thanks for the opportunity, Im in!!!

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XHP35 throver, that is enough for me to enter Big Smile


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Congrats on 500 posts. Count me in! The xhp35 can make one beast of a thrower!

Aspiring Fhashlightaholic!

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Please count me in for that xhp35!

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I am in. Thanks!

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Congrats for 500! Beer
Please count me in:

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Congrats on your 500 post. I’m in.Thanks

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I am in. Thank you so much.

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I am in!
Thank you.

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Such a nice offer
I’m In

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Thank you for the giveaway! I’m in.

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Congrats on the 500 Thumbs Up Since I don’t have an XHP35 light, add me in.


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thijsco19, congratulations on the 500 posts. wink

Love to win a XHP35HI thrower. I'm in.  smile


Best Regards,


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Thank you, I’m in!

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Awesome O! I’m in!


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Custom made light? I’m in.

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I’m in. Congratulations on reaching the half K milestone and thanks for doing the giveaway.