Lumintop SDmini Review

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Lumintop SDmini Review

Lumintop has left me a SDmini for testing purposes, I want to introduce it here. Many thanks to Abbie!

The light is available with XM-L U2 or XP-L HI, both present only in CW. I received the version with XP-L HI.

Link to Manufacturer Page:

The features according to the manufacturer:

1. Utilizes CREE XM-L2(U2) LED or CREE XP-L HI LED with 50,000-hour lifetime

2. Output Mode/Runtime:

  • SDMini-XML: Turbo: 1000lumenss/2hours, High: 489lumenss/3hours, Mid: 320lumenss/5.5hours, Low: 50Lumenss/36hours, Strobe/SOS/Aviation Signal: 1000Lumenss
  • SDMini-XPL: Turbo: 920lumenss/2hours, High: 425lumenss/3hours, Mid: 276lumenss/5.5hours, Low: 36Lumenss/36hours, Strobe/SOS/Aviation Signal: 920 Lumenss

3. Max Beam Intensity and Distance :

  • SDMini-XML: Boasts a peak beam intensity of 11025cd and a throw distance of up to 210 meters
  • SDMini-XPL: Boasts a peak beam intensity of 22500cd and a throw distance of up to 300 meters

4. Runs on: 2 x CR123A or 1 × 18650 (NOT included)

5. Dimensions:Length:4.29”(109mm); Head Diameter:1.3”(33mm); Body Diameter:1” (25.4mm); Weight: 3.11oz (88g) (excluding battery)

6. High strength aerospace aluminum alloy construction with anti-scratching type HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish; Consistent silo integrated structure, to ensure the best heat dissipation

7. Optimized ultra-precise reflector offers a longer beam distance than competing products

8. Double-side AR coated, tempered window resists impact and thermal shock, maximizes light transmission(99% light transmittance)

9. Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit (integrated micro-USB charging port)

10. Integrated micro USB charging port is water, dust and impact resistant

11. Intelligent advanced temperature regulation system allows SDmini to adjust output performance according to its body temperature to ensure stable and safe operation

12. Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation

13. Single button side switch design provides one-handed operation and easy access to all functions

14. Intelligent memory function stores last mode accessed

15. High quality detachable stainless steel reversible clip

16. Innovative tube body design allows the clip changed directions in the same location

17. Anti-rolling design

18. Dual spring-loaded impact absorption mechanism

19. Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle

20. Impact resistance to 1.5 meters and waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters)


In the box on 2 floors are located the light, a replacement O-ring, a lanyard, a holster, a replacement cap for the USB port, a USB charging cable, a warranty card and the user guide in English and Chinese.

Although according to information on the manufacturer site no battery is to be supplied, but was already inserted in the light. It is a protected NCR18650B with 3400mAh. I suspect that the battery at all lights is included.


The SD-mini is a light in the compact class with interior loading facility for a 18650 battery.

Size comparison with other lights:


A quick click from off switches on the light. Each additional click will change the modes in ascending order of low-mid-high-Turbo. The light is switched off by a long press of 2 seconds duration. The light level last used is stored.

To access the hidden modes you need a long press (more than 3s) from the off state. Starting with Strobe is followed by a short press with the SOS signal, Aviation, strobe. From here you can not go back to the normal brightness levels, to the light has to be turned off and on again to be turned on.


The 4 light levels are indicated by Lumintop with 36/270/425/920 lumens. According to my measurements I guess the output to 39/250/406/750 lumens. Here I attach a power consumption of 90mA / 600mA / 1,11A / 2,86A.

The luminosity is indicated by Lumintop with 22500cd, according to my estimates, approximately 1m @ 24klux be achieved.


I have tried to determine the duration and the temperature profile at the top with the supplied battery on Turbo. The light was operated at room temperature without additional cooling.

The light gets very hot and uncomfortable to touch. The maximum temperature at the top was 68 degrees Celsius. According to the manufacturer, the light has an intelligent advanced temperature control. A step down I could not find. If and when the temperature control attacks, I do not know. A timed step down I could not find also. The light gets progressively darker with low battery voltage. After about 85 minutes, 50% of initial brightness were achieved. Shortly after the warning light in the switch began to blink slowly. The battery had at this time a voltage of 3.0V. After about another 10 minutes, the switch LED flashing quickly, battery voltage was 2.8 V. After a total of about 108 minutes, the light went out completely, battery voltage was 2.7V. The warning light will continue to flash as long as the light is not switched off. The power consumption here is about 1mA. How long this warning works, I have not tested.

When switched off, I measured a standby current of 41.5 microamps, which is a very good value.


The machining is as usual from Lumintop at very high levels. The anodization and laser marking are error-free, the threads are clean cut, greased and running very smooth. The LED is perfectly centered, the reflector and the AR-lens are spotless.

There are, besides the logo and the model name on the Tailcap no further labels, warnings or serial number on the housing.

The light can be divided into 3 parts: head, battery tube, tailcap.

On the driver side and in the tailcap is one contact spring each. The springs are very flexible and the light can be operated with all my rechargeable batteries, whether flat or button-top, whether protected or unprotected. So here is no mechanical reverse polarity protection, this will have been well implemented electronically. I have not tested it.

The battery tube has a noticeably massive wall thickness. Merely to tailcap thread it gets is a little less.
The threads are anodized and a lockout is possible by unscrewing the tailcap or the head.

Due to the flat tailcap the light stands firmly on flat surfaces. Although a lanyard is included, here are no holes for attaching it. It can be attached only to the clip.

The clip can be installed in both directions, so the light can be worn with the head up or down. If it is attached, the light is well protected from rolling . Through the flat spots on the head without the clip installed the anti rolling design of light also makes it difficult, but by a shock it can be easily set in motion.

Only a battery of the type 18650 can be charged in the light. The internal charging function charges the battery with about 710mA via micro USB. The green indicator light blinks slowly while the battery is charging. Upon reaching the charging circuit, the LED is on, the charging current goes back to 0 mA.

I have taken the supplied battery as well as my own batteries in charging circuit and each 4.0V measured after the light stopped charging. So here is still room for improvement, the entire capacity of the battery is not used. I was able to load after the run-time test to reach the charging circuit approx 3033mAh in the battery.

The rubber cover of the USB connector fits very tightly over the connector and requires some care in order to tightly close. The water resistance is very good, in the basin for an hour it has survived without water intrusion.


O-ring, lanyard, holster, waterproof cap, USB charging cable.

The holster is of good quality and served its purpose, the light can be inserted with the head up and down to fit each perfectly.


The strictly limited hotspot is warmer in the center than at the periphery and is surrounded by a corona, which merges into the smooth spill. Outside the capstans a blue ring will be produced which is probably produced by the AR-glass. On the white wall of the beam thus appears not entirely free of artifacts, in everyday use it will be hardly noticeable.

The brightness levels:

I personally think the steps are too close to each other and I miss a lower low mode or moonlight.

Beamshot comparison:

I have compared the SDmini to a Zebralight H600w MKII, to a Nitecore MH20w and Manker U11 (even rebuilt on Nichia 219C). All lights in the highest level.

Personal conclusion:

• Positive:

o size / optics / haptics
o range
o undervoltage protection
o robustness / waterproofing
o low standy consumption
o charging function

• Neutral:

o mode memory / UI

• Negative:

o charging voltage too low
o mode spacing
o low mode too bright

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nice review, thanks!
charging voltage too low mens long life for the cell, so not really a bad thing Wink
at first that design looks hectic and all over the place, but it grew on me, and at the end of the review I liked it.

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Good review. I relly like your animations of beamshots, that’s the best way I know to compare the lights.

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Thanks for the review.

Looks like another Nitecore MH20/Nitenumen NE01 competitor. I’ve always liked LuminTop. Got a Tool AAA and a Tool Ti that I gave away. Just ordered a Copper Tool and another Ti Tool last week. I’ll have to agree that fit and finish is top notch on those LuminTop that I got so far. Easily on par with Convoy lights.

I already got an NE01, so I probably won’t go for this light, but it would have been a top contender a few weeks ago when I was looking at such a light.

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Nice review prisma. Thanks.


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Enelooper wrote:
I’ve always liked LuminTop. Got a Tool AAA

Me too and despite the noted shortcomings I’ll watch the prices on this one. Temps concern me some and it would be nice if they’d space out the modes and include a moon, maybe in gen. 2.
Fine, well organized review. Thanks for the detail.
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Thanks for the review, prisma!