Question for optics oriented pro´s

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Question for optics oriented pro´s

I recently bought binoculars, I have a feeling that they are not complete tossers even though chinese. Not even too expensive.

I keep hearing people say : “With good ones you can see in Low light conditions, bad ones will get blurry…”.

My Luxmeter measures now outside at about 5-6lux (time:0030, fully overcast, no rain or fog).
What is considered to be a “low light” situation and I don´t mean night time or moonlight (0,26Lux).

In this 5-6Lux light it is possible to see still with these binocs clear enough. Not much difference in light amount to eye in view with or without binocs.

What I CAN understand, is that obviously the coating of optics may play a role in result, after all, there are plenty of glass surfaces inside…
Maybe glass quality also.
Outer lens size also? How much light it gathers?

These are 10×40 “Baigish” BTW but I have no special intention to use them when dark/low light, just trying to get some reference how these are made. Beer