Battery shipping issues again!

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Stock is not the issue it is the inflated shipping costs like $36.00 $50.00 $54.00 that one of the listed companies charges to ship a single battery to Canada from U.S. Higher to other countries. No one is prepared to pay shipping costs like this much less $15.00 for a $7.00-$10.00 battery.

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received 8 pieces of “charger” today. Model 30Q
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RobertB wrote:
Digit wrote:
imr batteries Prices are great! The shipping cost to Canada is not however! Check out Kaidomain they ship free to Canada.

Get someone to hollow out a book, stuff it full of 18650’s, and mail it to you.

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are pretty competative in finand , i order my batteries from there.

i wonder how finnish companies get batteries from china to here?

i just ordered some samsung 30q .few days delevery, they will come before my bangood flash lights
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