Review: Thorfire PF04

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Review: Thorfire PF04

My first review of a flashlight and after reading many here on BLF I see I need to up my game next time…..
I have been looking at a pen style flashlight for some time now as it is one style I have yet to pick up in support of my addict, um, collection.
I was happy to get the opportunity to receive one of these on behalf of Thorfire for testing and reviews.
The packaging is simple but purpose built and the product arrived in fine order along with two, spare o-rings.
I’ve been really taken by this skinny light and find it perfect as an EDC with it’s robust clip and slim design.
With three modes, moonlight, mid and high power it really covers my basic, simple everyday and night needs.
While nicely styled, this light is well built with perfect annodizing, nicely machined threads, rear clicky switch with just the right degree of pressure to change modes as well as turn this memory equipped on and off. Overall, very good build quality.
I installed a pair of fresh, alkaline batteries and found a dark room to test drive this light and at first light was impressed with the very low light output of the moonlight mode, a decent mid level and for it’s size very good high output.I started this review a few days ago and over time have been carrying this skinny light pretty much every day as it is nice and lightweight and being slim is a great front pocket light.
I’ve got a some eneloops on order and am looking forward to seeing the difference between those and my off the shelf alkalines.
For everyday and night use, this is a great buy and I will certainly keep it in mind for upcoming gift purchases.
I know, more details and some pix next time folks.

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You did fine and you also joined the ranks of flashlight reviewers, as did many of us. Short, concise, I liked your review.

Thorfire sure is getting enough reviews out of this.