Something strange with my EA41...

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Something strange with my EA41...

Ok experts! Tell me what happened because I have no explanation.
So last night –
1. Used my EA41 on 4th mode (high) for about 15 minutes, steady use, no mode changing.
2 Noticed the battery indicator was flashing.
3. After I was finished, decided to swap to fresh eneloops.
4. Put them in correctly, and saw the blue indicator light flash to show it is getting juice.
5. Turned on flashlight.
6. It flashed very briefly one time, almost strobe-like, and turned off.
7. Couldn’t turn back on again.
8. Circuitry seemed to work because the battery indicator light still worked when I pressed the mode button after finding Off mode.
9. Went to bed.
10. Woke up and decided to try the light again…. everything works normally as if nothing happened last night… Super weird!

Ok, so what happened? There isn’t any thermal shut down feature as far as I know. And even if there was, I’ve used it much longer than what I used last night and on turbo (5th mode) and it’s never stepped down or turned off when it got hot.