Fastest/Cheapest in US for chargers/batteries?

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Fastest/Cheapest in US for chargers/batteries?

I need batteries and charger in less than a week.

Anyplace in the US that is DX-Cheap but with quick shipping?

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Lighthound would probably be your best bet. Maybe not as cheap as DX but you will get your order in days not weeks or months.

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Tenergy from Amazon is a decent quality and price they have a good charger to.

I have this charger it is a relabeled Trustfire TR-001.


Shiningbeam has Trustfire Flame batteries if you are going to order an S-Mini have Bryan throw in 2 batteries.

Or PM Reverandjim for a great deal on some mini nuke 18650s

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Second time today I have plugged these guys.


Great US prices on the Xtar's.  Very quick shipping

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Coach  Outlet Online-

      I love the Louis Vuitton 18650s for $540.  per pair - so chic and stylish.

OK- UPDATE- I recently ordered a battery to check out from and they ship very promptly for only 2.50 shipping per battery and you get a tracking #- took about  4- 5 days to Florida.

These are of course premium Batteries and the 2900mah burns hotter/brighter and longer compared to the cheap Ultrafires I had.

I don't have testing equipment but I'm pretty sure these Redilast are exactly what they claim to be.

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I'd too would buy those Louis Vuitton 18650s instantly myself if only I knew they were genuine but I suspect that they are fakes.   I got caught out once with a fake Gucci 501B for $2,000 and I'm not stupid enough to fall for something like that again.............

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Battery Junction ships like the next day.  It took like 3 days to get my order. 

There is a guy on ebay out of Lake Wales Florida with username of protacticalshop19.  I have heard is lightning quick.  He sells a lot of Xtar batteries and chargers on ebay. 

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I have ordered (and received the order already)from the ebay seller that secarob mentioned. They shipped right away from Florida, and they have very good prices on xtar stuff. I ordered the 2 xtar18700 2600mah cells. $17, not bad compared to having to wait for delivery from china/hong kong. In many cases, that price is cheaper than from china.

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I just bought a Xtar WP2 II charger from protactical19.  Great price, and I heard he was very good. 

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Well the week is over .. what Did you get ..?? I love older threads like this ..3 years from now people will still probaby be answering this thread ....18650's will be a thing of the past and ...Rev Jim will be a Bishop.

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Just ordered an Xtar WP2 II charger on Monday (this week) from It was delivered yesterday (Wednesday). Price was good too - $20 with shipping, delivered from Texas to Illinois.