Uniross AAA 800mah rechargeable batteries

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Uniross AAA 800mah rechargeable batteries

Does anyone know in which country these are made? They are being sold for a good price and are LSD. In a similar vein, does anyone have a list of Made in Japan AAA and AA rechargeble NiMH batteries? Fujitsu, Panasonic (Eneloop) and some Duracell are all made in Japan, as are some Amazon Basics.

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I have some Uniross “hybrio technology” 800mAh AAA batteries. I bought them a few years ago, they look like those on this pic. .
They are made in China. Good quality, much better than the standard no name NIMH AAA batteries I used to buy in supermarkets, anyway ! But IMHO, Duracell “stay charged” AAA 800 mAh batteries, AKA “duraloops” here on BLF, are better (they last a little bit longer in the same flashlights).
My 2 cents : if the Uniross are cheaper, buy them. If not, choose Duracell.