Review: Rofis KR20

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Review: Rofis KR20

I received the Rofis KR20 from Rofis for the review. Here’s the purchase link

KR20 Specs

The light comes in this box

Inside the box: Light, holster, microusb cable, spare orings and charging port cover, lanyard, 3400mAh 18650 battery.

The KR20 is a light with double switch: a mechanical one at the tailcap and an electronic one at the head.

Clip and the cigar ring are already on the light when you receive it. The cigar ring has threads so you can screw it in place securely.

At the head a spring.

The electronix switch protrudes and has a plastic cover. With a couple of clear inserts so you can see the led underneath it, even when the light is angled.

The sheath, mollle compatible with a metal D ring

The foreward (allows momentary on) mechanical switch at the tailcap turns the light on and off.
When the light is on, click twice the mechanical switch to activate strobe.
To cycle between the modes you have to press the electronic switch at the head (standby, lower, low, medium, high, turbo).
When in standby, the led underneath the side switch will turn on and flash twice every 3 seconds.
If you turn the light on while you keep pressed the side switch, the light will turn on at moonlight.
If you keep pressed the electronic switch at the tailcap, you get strobe.
When you are in strobe mode, keep pressed the switch for more than a second and release it to go in beacon and sos mode.
The light has memory mode for all constant output modes and standby.

The strobe alternates patterns with different flashing speed, it is supposed to be more effective.

When you turn the light on, or change levels, the led under the switch will signal the charge left in the cell: from a long green flash, to more brief green flashes, to red, following the same pattern.

Output and runtime
Tested both with the battery that comes with the light.

Sampling is every 2” for turbo mode, every 90” for other modes.

Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall

The XP-L Hi in a smooth reflector gives a throwy beam, with a defined and intense small spot, and a spill that is narrow. When using the light, the “main” spill start a couple of meters from your feed, but you still have a diffused and less intense spill from your feet on. There are a couple of rings and artifacts in the beam close to you.

My thoughts.
Fit and finishes are as expected.
I like the metal threaded cigar ring, and the sheath.
There are many levels and are well spaced, apart from moonlight, that I found almost indistinguishable from the lower mode.
I like that you can access lowest and last used modes. But I feel the lack of access to turbo.
The interface accommodates different needs: from the tailcap the light gets you last used mode (which you can obviously set) and strobe, while you can cycle between the levels and turn the light “off” (put it in standby) with the side switch. The KR20 is easy to use, but I would have preferred it without the “standby” mode because sometimes I use the light with the side switch, and I put it in standby. Then, I pick it up and I forget that I left it in standby, and try to turn it on back with the mechanical switch.
I’d like to see an improved regulation, and the battery with a PCB that activates when the voltage is on the low side. I’d also like to see the light stop working when low voltage point is reached.
Also, a NW version.

Given the interface, I’d say it is suitable for who is looking for a “tactical” light, and can be also used easily to cycle between well spaced modes without getting through strobe.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.

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I know this is an older review. But just want to say thanks for the review especially the runtime charts mate