Brinyte DIV11 Review

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Brinyte DIV11 Review

Hi friends,

Today I`ve got the review of the DIV11 from Brinyte
This is a small sized, light weight and powerfull light with a magnetic tail switch
I can recomend it both for primary or back-up light
The more impressive feature is the price! Well I got this one for around 40 bucks no battery and the quality is just amazing!

It runs a 18650 battery which is “the” standard of the li-ion batteries and widelly available, I used the panasonic NCR18650B (3400mAh) protected cells, take a look at the runtime test!

The Xm-l and the smooth reflector make a great impresion, the spot is quite narrow as you can see on the review video (underwater footage included from a wreck dive).

The magnetic switch is located on the tail, and it gives a secure feeling when using it and it is quite well protected against accidental-switching.
It has 3-modes (1050, 330, 120 lumen) and a strobe mode which can only be activated when the light is turned on!
See the switching underwater in the review video!
Furthermore it is claimed to have a over-heating protection built in to the main (head) driver, so apart from a discharged battery there are no further worries in case of accidental-switching.

It benefits from a 3 O-ring design as all brinyte lights and the thread is extremelly clean cut. I find this thread/o-ring design to be quite beautifull in technical mathers.

The torch has 2 separate drivers, one is located in the tail for the magnetic switching/modes and the other is in the head as seen in the picture, the contacts are gold plated.

The set I ordered included the light, wrist strap, spare O-rings, silicone grease, English User Manual and the box for protection. Some sellers also offer it including a 18650 battery and charger.
All-in-one, it is a great light, beautifull design and small sized.

Review video
Runtime test

What are your thoughts?

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