Review ThruNite TH10 Headlamp

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Review ThruNite TH10 Headlamp

This is the ThruNite TH10 Headlamp. (neutral version) This sample was sent to me by ThruNite for review and NO other compensation other than keeping the light itself.
You can find the TH10 on the ThruNite site or on Amazon……(Links are NON affiliated)

EDIT: Thrunite also asked me to post this discount code for the TH10………..(5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!)

First let me apologize if I kind of skipped around and fumbled through the first portion of the video review. It has been a rough past week or so here , with a death in the family and at the time , I was fighting with what I think maybe the flu and was taking cold medication and with all combined it kind of had me in a fog , as far as my thought process.

Although not one of their newest lights ,the TH10 is a very well constructed light as have been all my ThruNite products to date. This light is available in both Neutral and Cool tints. The fit , finish and overall build quality are all excellent and the threads are buttery smooth on the sample I received. I did not mention in the video the TH10 has Low Voltage protection I don’t think. I DID mentioned however , that it can use not only the 18650 cells , but also two 16340 or two RCR123 can be used instead if desired.
This is not a close up type headlamp for working and it is not a real long range light either , with it kind of falling in the middle for things like medium range hunting (40 to 100 yards or so) also good for camping , as it has the firefly mode for getting around a tent or camper and on low mode is very adequate light for inside the camping area.

I did do some tailcap readings and the numbers I got with a fully charged and rested LG MJ1 cell are …… Firefly 0.0 amps / Low 0.06 amps / Medium 0.41 amps / High 1.35 amps / Turbo 2.44 amps.(readings taken with the Uni-T 210E clamp meter)
Although there is approximately a 1 amp jump from High to Turbo , visually the difference is barely noticeable in real time (at least to my old eyes), until you are out at like 75 to 100 yards , but then at the greater distances it is much more noticeable than at the closer distance to the eye. I think the still shots in the video portion picked up the difference much better than I actually perceive it with my eyes.
I do not have any good direct comparisons to the TH10 as far as headlamps go , as all the other headlamps I have are very floody and much more suited for close up stuff , but I did use the TH20 and the BLF A6 to do some outside shining comparisons with the TH10.

I think everything else is covered in the video portion and if you do not want to watch the whole video , the still photos and beamshots start at 6:56 in the time line and the outside shining and comparison start at 10:18 in the timeline.

Video and listed description and specs below that……………..

Product Description

•Featuring the advanced CREE XM-L2 U2 LED emitter, with a lifespan of over 20 years, the TH10 is able to put out 825 lumens using just a single 18650 battery. For great versatility, it can also accept two CR123 or two RCR123A batteries.
•The TH10 is also able to shine as little as 0.2 lumens in it’s special Firefly mode—perfect for night-adapted vision or avoiding drawing attention.
•The entire body of this headlamp is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which gives it exceptional durability and excellent heat dissipation,
allowing it to maintain high output for extended periods of time.
•The TH10 includes a built-in SOS signaling mode, which can be essential when roaming out in the wild or confronting a dangerous situation.
•The TH10 also features instant access to Turbo mode, the maximum output, from any mode.
This means no matter what mode you’re using, or even if the light is off, you always have the max brightness available right when you need it most.

•LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 LED with a lifespan of 20+years of run time.
•Mode & Runtime:

-Firefly(0.2 lumens, 65 days)
-Low(15 lumens, 107hours)
-Medium(202 lumens, 9 hours )
-High(580 lumens, 178 minutes)
-Turbo(825 lumens, 118 minutes)

•Battery Applicable: 1×18650 battery, 2× 16340 batteries.
•Working voltage: 2.7-12 V.
•Reflector: Orange Peel.
•Peak Beam Intensity: 5655 cd
•Beam Distance: 150 m
•Dimension: 77.8 mm(H) * 53 mm(L) * 32.2 mm(head diameter).
•Weight: 132.4 g(without battery).
•Waterproof: IPX-8(1.5 m)
•Impact Resistance: 2 m.
•Material: Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
•Accessories: O ring, Spare inner switch cap

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