looking for bias lighting for tv viewing

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looking for bias lighting for tv viewing

my understanding is that the best temp is 6500K along with a high CRI =>90 they sell nifty usb led light strips @6500k but unknown/not high cri. I suppose if i could find a low output standard socket bulb with the right specs i could just seperately control it placed behind the set.

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I wasn’t really aware of bias lighting as a thing until you posted here. I was perusing eBay and found some interesting lights for $4.86:


I’m sure it’s not high-CRI, but it looks like an interesting option to try. This listing doesn’t mention color temp but other similar listing mention 6500k. It’s cheap enough to try; double-sided tape it to the back of your TV and power from a Smart TV USB port, so no need to run extra power.

If my situation at the moment were a little better, I’d probably buy a couple of these to play with myself.

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