LiIon equivalent of Eneloop

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LiIon equivalent of Eneloop

Panasonic Eneloops (Fujitsu FDKs) define the standard for AA Ni-MH batteries. They are high current, consistent, wide temperature range, reliable, high cycle life, and moderate capacity cells. They set the baseline to compare against.

What would be the Eneloop equivalent in lithium world? I guess IMRs could have the same characteristics? Which Lithium cell would you nominate as an Eneloop equivalent in Li-Ion world?

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I personally think this is not possible. In my opinion Sanyo hit the jackpot with the chemistry of the Eneloop. I really see no weak-point or compromise with the Eneloop, besides the obvious that it can always be improved, like capacity and number of charge cycles. I don’t see a lithium ion variant that is as convincing as the Eneloop. I do hope that we get to see this soon though. I primarily would like to see a lithium ion variant that is as safe as an Eneloop…

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I’d say the Panasonic NCR18650B could be considered as the eneloop equivalent. They’re known for their high capacity and great cycle life. They’re also very popular.You can buy them in most battery shops online and there is quite a lot of information on the internet about them.

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Sanyo/Panasonic would be the equivalent because they seem to make the best Li ion.
The chemistry determines a lot, NiMH is durable, safe and robust. They maximized those traits and added low self discharge. Its disadvantage is lower energy density
Li ion is energy dense. They maximize that trait and do what they can about the cons of safety, low cycle count and heat tolerance. However they have not been able to make these cons as good an NiMH which may not be possible with li ion (but it may be and we are just not there yet, no way to know).

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I would say, LiFePO4-cells are the LiIon-cells most similar to eneloops.
They are inherent safe, deliver masses of current with stable voltage and take lots of abuse very well.
The only downside is their lower capacity, although it’s the same with the eneloops. :?

Before anyone claims the voltage is too low: Simply use Nichia 219c, which have a way lower Vf.
The normal Nanjg driver works fine with LVP at ~2.8V. It hits exactly the point, when the cell is empty. Thumbs Up

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