SRT7-GT Video Review with Comparison SRT7-Revenger and MH27

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SRT7-GT Video Review with Comparison SRT7-Revenger and MH27

Nitecore finally released a successor to the SRT7-Revenger. Not that wannabe successor, the MH27, but a real successor.

The SRT7-GT was sent to for review on YouTube from

This is one of those “fun features” flashlights. Unless you’re a hunter or observing/filming wildlife at night, in which case this light is pretty downright practical. Brighter RGB lights for night vision with the addition of an ultra violet light, 150 extra meters of throw and about 100 extra lumens on the main light are what the SRT7-GT bring to the table.

In addition to examining and testing the parameters of the SRT7-GT vs SRT7-Revenger and MH27, pay attention towards the beginning of the video for a 25% off coupon code for SRT-7GT or any SRT7-GT bundle shipped free domestically within the U.S. If you enjoy the video, please head over to YouTube and like and/or subscribe. Thanks

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