[REVIEW] Revtronic BT40S

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[REVIEW] Revtronic BT40S

Hello Friends
I’m going to talk about a light that in my opinion is one of the best for biking
Until now, I’ve been using a Convoy S2+ with 3B tint, which served me well and I will continue carrying it as a backup.

The light is made in aluminium, with four Cree XP-G2 Neutral White. I think it’s a good thing choosing this option instead of one or two higher power leds like XM-L2 or XP-L, because the leds are working in a more efficient range (400lm per led) so in the end we have a lot of light, longer runtimes and less heat.
It’s got IPX-6 certification, so it can be used under the raing. However, I don’t think it will survive to a inmersion in water.

The box contains all you need to use it:
-The light, with the mounting bracket
-A spare mounting bracket
-2 lens, one is for flood and the other for more throw
-3 rubber rings, to attach the light to the bike, with different sizes
-Wall charger
-Battery pack, 8.4v and 5200mAh. The connector is universal so we can use other battery packs
-Extension cable if we need to put the light at longer distance from the battery
-Head mount, to use it as a headlamp

This light and battery will add 316gr to your bike. 250gr are from the battery

The bike mount is very tight thanks for the rubber rings. Battery is attached to the bike frame with two velcros

The light has four brightness levels, I’ve measured them and checked that theyre are very close to manufacturer ratings
600lm mode is more than enought if the terrain conditions aren’t bad

The light has a led in the switch for battery indication, it will go from green to red as long as the battery discharges:
-Green: 100 to 75%
-Blue: 75% to 50%
-Orange: 50% to 25%
-Red: 25% to 5%, it will start flashling when under 5%

The light comes with two lenses, one with a floody beam, and other one for a more thrower beam. I personally prefer the throwier one because you see farther while still being able to see what’s near you. Lens change is a kids game, just unscrew the front bezel and change one lens for the other.

Here I post some beamshots to compare the spill with both lenses
Flood lens

Throw lens

And for comparison, a convoy S2+ beamshot in the same situation

In conclusion:
-Lots of light, with a smooth spill, it covers a lot of area
-Rain proof
-Neutral White tint
-Nice mode spacing
-Good runtimes, the 18650s battery seem to be from good quality
-Solid construction
-Mount is tight and secure
-Battery indication led so you won’t suddenly run out of battery

Link to shop
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071YF1748
DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B06ZXYHQXR
FR: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B06ZXYHQXR
ES: https://www.amazon.es/dp/B06ZXYHQXR

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Thanks for the review I have been curious about this head light for some time..
I like the changeable lens feature ,