Nitecore LA10 CRI short review

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Nitecore LA10 CRI short review

Dear all,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator). Of course, here too I will publish the essay to provide information about this Nitecore LA10 CRI for the readers.

First, start with the packaging:
It comes in the usual shiny colored box.

The box includes the Nitecore LA10 CRI, wrist strap, spare gaskets. Here’s the first weird thing. The larger sealing ring is attached to the diffuser. I suppose, because unfortunately I did not know how to disassemble it. Then how do I replace it? There is also a small brochure in the box, and English-Chinese language manual and a warranty card.

Handling is childish. Use twisty switching. Modes: Low, Medium, High, Location Beacon. The brightness is fine, the low mode is a bit strong. I would like to have a lower brightness. Location beacon is much more useful than stroboscope or SOS signal. Useful for a lantern, thank you Nitecore!

The driver is protected by reverse polarity. No low voltage indication and no mode memory. If you turn it off for more than 2 seconds, it will restart in low mode. Within 2 seconds, switches off and on step to the next mode. Clean, easy!

No need to worry about overheating the Nitecore LA10 CRI during use. Designed for long run time with lower brightness, no burns on hands or equipment. After 15 minutes, the temperature increased by 17 °C.

Measured current consumption of new AA alkaline batteries:
Low: 0,10A
Medium: 0,45A
High: 1,68A

I photographed the brightness indoors. A smaller room can be fully illuminated, suitable for emergency lighting. The cheap 11 LEDs lantern light is much lower with 11 LEDs and 3 AA batteries. We get nice homogenous, PWM free illumination for the Nitecore LA10 CRI. Brightness less than AIMAI AK02, but runtime is much longer (16340 vs AA Ni-MH battery)

Its size is small, it can be a part of EDC equipment! In the picture: 16340 battery, AA battery, AIMAI AK02, 18650 battery, Nitecore LA10 CRI, Convoy S3.


I think Nitecore has made a very useful little lantern! Modes are good, location beacon is useful. Its quality is excellent, its light is right. The LA10 is beautiful, as demonstrated by the iF Design Award 2017 prize. It can be useful not only for camping. It can be good for emergency light, garden party, etc.

External links for products:
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Nice review, thanks!

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I like this item. With a unique design, just like a lady’s lipstick, easy to carry and use. Wink