Review: ZanFlare F2S NW (EDC - 2xAA - XP-G2 - Battery indicator)

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Review: ZanFlare F2S NW (EDC - 2xAA - XP-G2 - Battery indicator)

Due to severe time limitations, this review is published with a reduced amount of writing, pics, data.

I received the F2S from ZanFlare for the review.
The F2S is a 2xAA Flashlight with simple interface, and an XP-G2 powered by 2xAA batteries. It is available both in NW and CW (6500-7000K / 4500-5000K). I got the NW sample.

The F2S comes in this box

Manual, Light, clip, spare lanyard, o-rings.

The F2S, I got the NW sample. On the body there is classical ZanFlare spiral knurling; beside that, the light is quite smooth and with an overall size similar to other lights in this segment (2,7×15,5 cm). The head has a squared section so it will provide some anti-roll effect.

Here with a couple of Eneloop PRO cells, perhaps the best way to feed the F2S.

The tailcap is U shaped, with the rubber switch cover protruding so much that doesn’t allow tailstand. It has 2 lanyard holes.

The threads at the tailcap (only part of the light you can disassemble with bare hands) are well lubed and anodized, so physical lockout is possible.

On the side of the head there’s this multicolored LED that works as battery gauge.

Smooth reflector with an XP-G2 NW in it.

Beamshots, 0.5 meters from the wall.
The tint is pleasantly warm to my eyes, and the small emitter gives a rather focused beam.

The light has memory mode
The levels are: Low, Medium, High and Strobe, in loop.
Battery indicator: When you turn the light on, the LED on the side of the head will blink blue if remaining capacity is above 30%, blink red if the capacity is between and 10 and 30%, and will keep blinking if it is lower than 10%.
Output and runtime

My thoughts
The F2S is a simple light with a good construction, with a good tint and regulation.
I like the battery indicator, although I would have preferred to know when the capacity is at 10-30-60%, and the battery indicator to stay always on.
I would have preferred to have a hidden strobe, instead I have to go through it every time I scroll through all 3 levels. I would have liked also an additional 4th mode, to rearrange the levels like this: 5 – 50 – 100- 200.

*Thanks *to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter.

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Thats a handsome 2xAA flashlight. Nice job Zanflare