Review: Fenix HM50R - 16340/CR123A

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Review: Fenix HM50R - 16340/CR123A

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A few weeks ago I received an email from Fenix, or would like to make a review of their new product, namely Fenix ​​HM50R . Here was my moment of reflection, because every day I use only 18650-powered flashlights, but because of the growing interest in smaller size flashlights, I decided to give it a try.
And so the Fenix ​​HM50R was in my house – and here Thanks to for instant shipping!

The Fenix ​​TK25 R & B was packed in a box that was rather dark in color. In the HM50R the colors of the packaging are much brighter, and when the whole world (the one who believes in warming …) uses the so- Ecological, Fenix ​​decided to pack the flashlight into plastic packaging, which is also transparent at the top.

This is how the sides of the packaging look

On the reverse we will find some technical information, a table, a chart, and I will focus on this later

The packaging is very rich, we will find here:
Fenix ​​HM50R torch
- headband
- papyrus
And in additional cardboard packaging:
- spare oring and eraser on the USB port
- Spare rubber element in which we put the flashlight
- USB cable

The instruction manual, unfortunately, is not translated into our native language

Warranty Card

Time to start a proper review

The strap attached to the flashlight is made of pleasant and pleasing materials. The contact area of ​​the forehead is further supported by a strap made of silicone – for better protection against sliding.

The switch protects the gray rubber, very nice made, click pleasant, we do not feel under the finger of the button, click firm and clearly marked

Button takes one more function. In its vicinity, the manufacturer mounted the diodes, which are the indicator of the charge of the cell. When lit at:
- solid green – cell charged 80-100%
- flashing green – cell charged 50-80%
- solid blue – cell charged 20-50%
- flashing blue – a cell charged less than 20%.

In addition, we will find here a built-in charging system and when:
- The link is loaded, the LED lights up in blue
- When the link is charged, the LED is green

I’ve already mentioned a USB port. The upper part of the harness secures the rubber element. I’m not sure if it’s needed (ie charger), but once it is, it is worth mentioning that Fenix ​​secured it quite well, when the rubber piece tilts a characteristic sound, suggesting that air or water should not get inside.

The manufacturer mentions a performance of 0.7A and it turns out to be true!

Below on the most advanced element of the torch is a gray ring, no doubt adds beauty and beautiful lanterns, personally, I love such a solution!

Quick with AR coatings, clean SMO spotlight and XM-L2 X-ray light – well centered. I ask myself one basic question, why so COOL – I do not know how you, but I do not like this color.

On the back delicate ribbing, which should help in better heat dissipation, midrange without peeling – this is a typical forehead flashlight, only on the cap will meet delicate indentations

The lamp at the height of the reflector was covered with a large inscription “Fenix ​​HM50R” – so if someone forgot wink

Fenix ​​also took care of people who may have a problem in which side we turn the cap

The screw cap is quite hard, gold-plated spring, unfortunately it is not equipped with a magnet, and it’s a great pity, flashlight competition are more and more often have such a “bajer”. Factory thread dry, even trace, I have not even found a trace of his lubrication …

In the set we get a link 16340 Fenix ​​700mAh with security

The switch has a built-in diode that indicates the charge state of the cell, has reverse polarity protection, too high temperature (specifications are 65 degrees, torch is hot, TURBO mode is instantaneous) and too low voltage is in the link, the driver only takes us to TURBO mode)

- single click activates the charge status of the cell
- hold button 0.5s flashlight turns on in last saved mode (last mode memory)

Modes operate in a loop:
- low 4lm
- average 30lm
- 130lm high
- TURBO 500lm (this mode for about 30-40min is reduced to about 30%, while the decrease of 100% to 40% occurs after about 15 minutes)

When the voltage on the cell is below 3.4V, the torch will take us to TURBO mode, the highest mode is high.

For example, the possibility of using a diode that informs us of the state of the cell, such as a locator, or a flashlight on the head, is an additional indicator, there is no protection against accidental switching on, or the possibility of immediate entry into TURBO or low mode.
On the plus side, there are no other modes than the four primary (and three if the voltage drops to 3.4V)

The weight of the flashlight with the band and the link is less than 78 grams, not much

Left Fenix ​​HM50R, right Skilhunt H02 New Neutral

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Fenix ​​HM50R TURBO

Fenix ​​TK25 R & B Medium

Skilhunt H02 New high

Jetbeam JET-1 MK 14500 highest mode mode

Jetbeam JET-1 MK link AA mode the highest

Fenix ​​HM50R and Skilhunt H02 new – side by side, the difference is noticeable

Here in a larger group: Jetbeam JET – 1 MK, Fenix ​​HM50R, Skilhunt H02 New, Fenix ​​TK25 R & B

Larger and smaller, the Fenix ​​HM50R and TK25 R & B

Full size photos:

My YouTube review:

A few words to summarize:
Fenix ​​HM50R is the second flashlight of this manufacturer that I had the pleasure of using. As every product has several advantages and disadvantages. With the advantage of a very easy to use driver, an indicator that tells us about the state of the charge of the cell, something like this is missing from many other lanterns. The strap has reflective elements, it is a shame that they are not / can not be supported by, for example, a red diode. In terms of performance, I can not say the wrong word, I did not find here any qualitative deficiency here, beautiful clean SMO spotlight, with less beautiful cold LED. With the diode itself, there are not the slightest problems, but I can not understand why manufacturers so often and often go in the direction of cold diodes, I just do not understand. Equipment rich, which is rarely enough.
By discussing the driver I listed some of the shortcomings that I notice, however the biggest disadvantage and disadvantage may be the cold diodes … And the price, here one should admit that Fenix ​​this model is not competitive with other brands, although this will just verify the market.
Personally, I think the optimum power supply for the flashlights is the 18650, and I support that opinion. Yes, I know the manufacturers are following the consumer’s voice, as consumers need these flashlights, the company produces, and I could even befriend her well, if it were not the color of light, after all, it’s a really cool flashlight.

Successful shopping !

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