Lumintop Tool AA /14500 + Prince Mini

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Lumintop Tool AA /14500 + Prince Mini

Looks like Lumintop is releasing two new products in the AA/14500 category.

So far they are showing the “Prince Mini” in only a stainless steel version, looks pretty identical to the 18650 Prince, but smaller. No mention of mode memory. 3 modes – 500/72/12 lumens. 95M max throw. Size 90×18.6 mm. Flannel Bag?
I see it available online at $40. I think I’ll wait for brass or copper.

The “Tool AA” looks pretty similar to the AAA tool, but larger. Still has the tail switch or magnetic-cap-twisty operation. Love the reversible clip.
3 Modes – 550/95/8 lumens. 95M max throw. Size with switch: 91.6×18.5mm.
Can’t find a place to buy it yet, but I know what everybody is getting for holiday this year.

Still waiting for a decent 10440 light that isn’t Peak LED.

Woke up to this one day…

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For the Tool AA, take a look at Banggood and see this thread: Thumbs Up

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Prince mini arrived some time ago (I am not sure that Lumintop launch the ss or cooper version of this)
Now you can see here (not aff links)
or here

(Prices of this stores are 30 USD, if you ask here sure you will get lower price).

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$40? expensive

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I’m not impressed by the Tool AA’s mode distribution on AA cells. No idea about the Prince Mini.

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Lumintop Tool AA on Amazon, I have got one, nice Wink :