Review: FiTORCH P30R

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Review: FiTORCH P30R

I’d like to thank FiTORCH for providing me with the opportunity to test and review some of their flashlight models. This review is of the FiTORCH P30R flashlight.

I received the P30R directly from FiTORCH , however this model is available at

The specs on the P30R are mostly identical to the P20R (reviewed earlier) so I’ll provide a link to that review , and note any differences in this review.

The P30R is slightly longer (5.67 inches vs 5.47 inches) and has a larger diameter head (1.38 inches vs 1.0 inches). The P30R throws further (285 meters vs 245 meters for the P20R) thanks to the larger head and deeper reflector.

The modes, lumen outputs, and batteries used are the same for both the P30R and the P20R. Both flashlights are capable of use as a battery bank (charging other devices) and both models come with the same accessories. Both flashlights can tail-stand; albeit not all that well (cut-out tail).

The P30R has a tighter hot-spot (and smaller) in its beam, but transitions into very usable spill quite nicely. To my eyes, the hot-spot (P30R) is slightly more noticeable than is the hot-spot of the P20R. In real world use I can see a slight increase (in throw) for the P30R (vs the P20R) but both models do very well while also providing excellent spill light.

The light color is more of a neutral white than it is warm or cold, and it provides excellent visibility.

The P30R comes with a removable bezel, which I believe is probably made out of stainless steel. I couldn’t find that specific information though – so I am taking a guess.

Both models feature very stout clips – strong enough that it is highly unlikely that either clip would be dislodged by accident. The spring part of the clips are also stout – a bit too stout for my personal tastes but others will prefer that.

Normally I am not a big fan of tactical flashlights. I don’t happen to have a use for the strobe modes and to be perfectly blunt – I think most of them are kind of ugly.

That isn’t the case with the FiTORCH P30R though: I think it is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy as can be.

I know that’s a bit superficial on my part, but give me a chance to explain myself.

We humans are visual creatures; prone to be attracted to those things we find beautiful, and who isn’t attracted to a finely crafted feat of engineering genius?

Maybe it’s the contrast of the silver bezel against the matte-black body? Or could it be those exquisite cylindrical grooves cut into the body (that feel so amazing in my hand)? It could be the lighted side-switch – a feature that still makes me smile every time I use the P30R.

I think it is all of that – and more.

I was mesmerized with the P30R before I inserted the battery. At that point it wasn’t much more than a beautiful paper-weight – full of promises to come. I love the smooth whisper of sound that comes when the tail-cap is removed and then screwed back on. It speaks to me – telling me that I’m holding quality in my hand, and that soon I’ll see just what those promises are all about.

And then… (insert the sounds of music blaring as a joyous tribute to the glory of light)

A simple half-press brought the P30R to life – a glimpse of all that could be, and sudden understanding came to me as I realized that I was right to find the P30R a thing of stunning beauty.

It’s the sum of those parts that make the P30R so wonderful – precise craftsmanship coupled with the blaze of light that comes forth at the press of a button. And it gets better – press the side-switch once to bring a brilliant beam of light, press it again to make your friends insanely jealous.

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

Toss in hardy and tough too – as the P30R is waterproof to 2 meters and drop resistant to the same.

If given the choice between the P20R and the P30R, I’d probably choose the P30R. But it would be a very difficult choice after using both of them. For things lost in those dark corners, I’d grab the P20R – with its slightly more floody beam it is perfect for locating those dropped items. For EDC purposes, I’d also grab the P20R. – simply because its smaller diameter head makes it more comfortable in my front pocket.

For outdoors use (camping, hiking, nightly walks, etc..) I’d grab the P30R. It has a more focused beam, fits my hand perfectly, and still fits in my front pocket when I’m not using it.

At $63.79 (price on Bangood) I think the P30R matches up favorably to its competition. The build quality is fantastic, the beam produced is first-class, and the overall package is amazing. The one change I’d like to see is the inclusion of a moonlight mode: other than that small issue, the P30R (and P20R) are as good as it gets in my opinion. Well worth the money.

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Thanks for the thorough review!
Just a question – have you tried the powerbank feature?
Is there the output current stated?

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Hi Joss,

Thanks for your comment.

I have briefly tried the power-bank feature (powering another flashlight). It does work, but I can’t honestly say how well it works because I’ve never used a power-bank otherwise.

I could not find the output anywhere on the website or in the owner’s manual. The manual does note that the power-bank feature only works when using an 18650 battery (or two 16340) in the flashlight.

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Thanks for the review.

Is that your girlfriend demonstrating the L/M/H beam shots?!

The profile looks like a woman.Maybe you are the camera man?! Important stuff here! Big Smile

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She’ll get a good laugh out of that.

That is my neighbor’s daughter. She is 19 and loves flashlights. She models the flashlights and I take the shots. I pay her in flashlights.

My days of having a 19 year old girlfriend are long over – according to my wife of 25 years and my age (55).