Nextorch E51 review (1000 lm, XP-L,18650)

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Nextorch E51 review (1000 lm, XP-L,18650)

This review will be dedicated to a new NexTorch flashlight, the E51.

So, what is interesting about this light?

1. The light has build in charger, that can charge any 18650 battery (not proprietary type).
2. It has a high output of 1000 lumens.
3. 5 brightness settings, hidden strobe.

Let's see ...

The light comes in a nice looking carton box. As with other Nextorch flashlights it features a metal part to hold the flashlight hanging on a shelf.

The light comes tightly packed into a plastic holder, with all the accessories.

The light comes with a 18650 protected battery, spare o-rings, a usb cable, product registration card, lanyard and a product registration card.
The manual is folded to a size of a post stamp, very impressive. The lanyard is of a very basic quality.

Here are two important pictures from the user manual. Please notice the controls of the light - more on that later.

The light looks nice. It does not have a compat appearance, no stainless steel combat bezel and no other bells and whistles. It does feel very well made, and has NexTorch logo on the tailcap and on the (removable) clip.

Regarding that button and controls:

1. The click feels very nice, it's far from silent.
2. The controls are of a forward clickie type, meaning that you chose the mode before actually turning on the light, and in order to change the mode you need to turn the light off. I don't remember any major flashlight company using such control method.
3. A half press enables a max brightness, if you do a full click the light will be turned on on a maximum brightness setting. If you want to change the mode you need to do another half click and the modes will change in the following order" : max->medium->minimum->max.... If you want to enable the strobe mode, you need to double tap the button.

The light has the micro USB socket hidden behind the head of the flashlight. You need to unscrew the head a little (you cannot fully unscrew it, and I saw no dust particles on the glass/reflector) in order to reveal the charging socket.

The clip has a NExtorch logo, and can only be removed when the tailcap is unscrewed. The tailcap features a double coated spring.

The light delivers a nice mix of throw and spill. The light itself is CW, close to neutral.

Conclusion, final thoughts

Well, in my opinion the light is a mix of features and styles, and surely will find it's customers if the price will be right. From one side it's not really compact but has a nice appearance. It does look like a tactic flashlight, but has no stainless steel striking bezel. It has a nice battery recharging feature, which will save money to a person that does not want to get a dedicated charger.

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How long does it take to fully charge the battery via the USB connection?

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