Review: ThorFire PF04 - Silver

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Review: ThorFire PF04 - Silver

I previously had the ThorFire PF04 in black (it was originally only available in black). It was a great light and something that I could easily recommend. I passed it along to one of my brothers, as he uses penlights all the time at work. If you’re in the market for a new penlight, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I was recently approached by ThorFire to review either the newly released Silver or Red variations. Since the black version was a nice light, I accepted the offer and picked up a Silver version at a steep discount.

To make this review a bit easier, I’ll say that everything I had to say about the black PF04 still applies. ThorFire confirmed that the internals (driver, LED) are the same. You can check out my original review here. Let’s review:

  • The LED is slightly cool, but not blue.
  • Nice floody beam pattern.
  • The protruding tailcap button makes it easy to navigate the three well-spaced modes.
  • I couldn’t detect any PWM.
  • Build quality is good. Solid light. Threads are not square-cut, but are very smooth.

So what IS different about this light? The finish, of course. The silver color brings a nice break from my usually all-black lights. The silver is very satin-like and soft looking. Quite attractive, but perhaps a bit on the slippery side.

Overall, this too is a great light and easy to recommend. For my EDC purposes I generally carry a single-AAA light, but I think this will be a worthy gift to my other brother who also uses penlights frequently at work as an auto technician. It should be a good upgrade from his worn out Streamlight 2xAAA and a nice introduction to ThorFire lights, which I generally regard as a great value.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about this light and I’ll see what I can do!

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