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My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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Today tests the next flashlight from XTAR, the latest head torch model – MAGNEMITE H3R

We receive the flashlight in a fairly large, well made, brightly colored packaging

In the set we get:
- flashlight
- a very good headband
- spare oring
- wrist clip
- mounting bracket (probably for example for a helmet)
- magnetic USB cable
- manual user instructions
And depending on the store – the set may (must) be a 3500mAh secured link from XTAR.

XTAR MAGNEMITE H3R – is a typical shape of an angle flashlight that we can successfully use as a headlamp. H3R – is an interesting model mainly for one reason, a deep SMO spotlight, small size and it’s great in your hand. For the last two weeks it was mainly XTAR that accompanied me as EDC.

From the top, contacts for magnetic charging. I used to think that I will always use only dedicated chargers, until … Until you recharge, you go back home, you do not disconnect the cable from the charger, just touch the tip of the flashlight and that’s all you have to do. How easily we get used to comfortable solutions wink
Magnetic charging has one more advantage – there is no fear of damage to the rubber protection of the USB port as in the case of flashlights with such a port.

The red diode informs us about the charging process. The charging current is 1A (standard). End of charging – the green LED lights up.

Interesting fact: the current consumed by the tip when the flashlight is not charged is: 0.05A, which unfortunately causes the tip is simply warm. Something for something – a green diode allows us to easily track the tip, even at night.

We also have the option of powering the flashlight only from a magnetic charger, without a cell – for example a bedside lamp. The meter shows 0.07A, that is, subtract 0.05A, for the diode there is about 0.02A, which is the typical Moon.

The glass is secured with a metal lace. Quick with AR coatings, OP reflector, all nicely and cleanly made. Unfortunately … cold LED XP-L and askew. I have not seen such an unpleasant sight for a long time (this is not very apparent when the flashlight is on, but it is especially troublesome when I look at the reflector.

It is also surrounded by a metal ring. Click protection rubber, pleasant to the touch, made flat, the button works very lightly, as EDC – too light, as a headlamp – great. The click is audible, it is beyond doubt, it is pleasant and accurate.

Head with a relatively sharp rib (sensed under the finger), but it certainly does not hurt.
The middle tube with cutouts for the armband – they hold the headband nicely, there is no possibility of the flashlight falling out, etc. However, this method of assembly is inconvenient if we want to quickly remove the flashlight from it

The middle tube will not be unscrewed, it is glued

A band of great quality, quality at the level of the Fenix band, or better. If the pressure is correctly set, there will be no problem with: pressure, slipping, falling, etc.

The screw cap is already covered with classic knurling, helpful mainly if we are already forced to replace the battery with a charged one (magnetic charging + frequent charging, and we can almost forget about replacing the cell).

From below the model of the flashlight

Coarse spring, quite hard and gilded – other companies, see how XTAR does it.

The thread is well lubricated, the workmanship is also high, there should be no problems with screwing the cap, even when using longer links

In the middle of the spring, we can use flat plus links. The driver itself will not be seen, it is obscured. The manufacturer states that it has reverse polarity protection (I have not tested). It does not have a temperature sensor.

Turn the torch on / off with a single click. The flashlight switches on with the memory of the last mode (even TURBO) – unless we change the link, then it will start in high mode.
We change the modes by holding down the button, they operate in the loop from the lowest to the highest. TURBO is activated by a fast double click (on the flashlight).

Hidden modes:
- quick 3 clicks activate SOS
- when the torch is off we hold the button – to enable / disable the button lock against accidental switching on (when the lock is on and the button is pressed, the flashlight will turn on in the moon for a moment, when the button is released, the torch will go out)
- when the torch is off, two quick clicks activate TURBO
- when the flashlight is off, hold the button for a moment – it will turn on in the moon mode.

To sum up the controller: we have the option of direct transition to Moon and TURBO when the flashlight is turned off. There is protection against accidental switching on and magnetic charging.

The manufacturer gives a drop of up to 60% after 3 minutes, I have done the test twice and this drop occurs a bit later. There is a temperature sensor in the Fenix HL60R, in XTAR unfortunately there is no sensor, the problem of overheating has been solved in another problem, which is a pity.

XTAR is much larger than the recently tested EAGTAC flashlight, next to the already mentioned head from Fenix

And here EAGTAC replaced Acebeam

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H


Wuben TO46R (although the XP-G3 diodes do not belong to the best one can see a significant difference of High CRI vs ordinary diode, of course in favor of high CRI)

Fenix TK25 R & B

Fenix HL60R


I do not know what your opinion is, but Fenix and EAGTAC with a sequentially neutral and warm good quality diode do the best job – and this is without a doubt.

Full size photos:

A few words of summary.
XTAR MAGNEMITE H3R is a headlamp designed mainly for people who expect a good range from a flashlight that they can wear on their head. Good workmanship, magnetic charging and easy-to-use controller, plus good equipment make H3R a really interesting proposition.
Unfortunately, it is not without flaws. In my case the largest diode is incorrectly set – it is crooked. This should not happen in the manufacturer’s flashlight. I also miss diodes with a warm color.

Can I recommend it? It depends on the price, if it will be attractive, as much as possible. H3R will work well as a headlamp, but it will also perfectly fulfill your opinion as an EDC torch – it has been with me every day, bravely fulfilling its task wink

Successful shopping.

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Cool little light!



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